“Don’t touch that, don't put it in your mouth , wash your hands , the stains will never go” - mommy exhaled! We’ve all been there, right ? We constantly worry about the safety of our kids while using art supplies, and rightfully so we should as regular paints, crayons etc are generally made up of chemical ingredients that are obviously not safe for our children to use. Including the waxed chemical smell of crayons that we’ve all grown up with. Nostalgia yes, but surely not safe to inhale it all in.

We at Dabble decided to make art products ourselves that are CHILD-SAFE; that we can let our children have and not hold them back from expressing themselves fully. The more children play naturally , the more balanced their growth is...

The rest is HISTORY !🤩

How regular art supplies HARM children?

  • Paraffin wax crayons not only have a destructive impact on the earth in a huge way but also on the children who use these products.
  • As little children tend to lick crayons or put them in their mouths, it poses a risk to their health.
  • The effects are not as drastic as the environment, but still it causes intestinal obstruction or produces a laxative effect if consumed in large quantities.
  • It causes cough and diarrhea in younger children.
  • Therefore it is imperative to come up with alternative products for the safety of our planet and its children.


🍀 Developed by scientists and food technologists in consultation with occupational therapists, early educators , parents in our community who worked with us closely  and certify every batch we make. 

🍀 Dabble products are stability tested, microbial tested in an NABL certified lab and most importantly they are ready to be tested by Mommies. 

🍀 We have declared a no-entry to the usual toxic suspects found in art products like toxic solvents, harmful parabens, silicons and alcohol. 

🍀 Backed by extensive research, we have put many months of trial and error, picking and choosing ingredients from nature -  coconuts, soy, vitamin oils, vegetable butters, food-friendly colours, child-safe waxes. 

🍀 Every ingredient is ticked ‘Just Right for Kids’, because nothing less will do for our kids. Dabble is the first art company in India to disclose the ingredients on the pack. 

🍀 Our products are not just ‘claim-level’ safe. They are well and truly 100% naturally child-friendly so that mommas and papas can be worry-free!

🍀Boxes of happiness with sustainable and environmental friendly products to minimize wastage of resources, reduce the risk and ensure the safety of the children.

🍀The age limit for Dabble non- toxic crayons for children is as early as one year old, because taking all of their messy habits the non- toxic crayons are safe to use.

🍀We have commissioned an industry-reputed Cosmetologist with specialized skills in developing child safe products. 


🖌️ Dabble Finger Paints -  A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrance from coconut & sweet orange oil – which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for toddlers. Recommended for kids 18 + months.

🖍️ Dabble Crayons - They are made majorly of beeswax, coconut oil and molded into different fun shapes instead of the conventional sticks to make learning and  colouring fun. Dabble Chunkies for kids  1 year - 2.5 years and Playart Crayons for kids 2.5 years and plus. 

🍏Dabble Glue - Unique 100% water-based formula that contains NO toxic solvents, harmful parabens, silicons, and alcohol. A multi-sensory formulation with a gentle green apple fragrance for a fun process experience!

🌈 Dabble is the riot of joy that follows when children are set free with colours. We emphasize on natural and safe ingredients. Because we do not want to hold our children back because, rightly, as parents we do worry about chemicals, toxins and additives. And when parents and children feel safe with colours, it helps make a new best friend called imagination and develop their motor, cognitive and social skills leading to balanced growth. It would give them an outlet for that energy to come through. Away from passive lounging in front of the TV or poring over games on the mobile. 🌈

💚 Art is just play in colours! Let the kids Dabble 💚

Let’s discover the world of Joy and colour with Dabble’s toxin free art supplies😇