When the bells jingle and the neighbourhood comes together to sing our favourite Carols , we know that CHRISTMAS is almost here 🔔🎅

Tis the season for joy, sparkles, and some crafty creations!! ✨💖This Christmas why not make hand-made DIY decor and art to deck up your halls and also to gift your friends and family? 🎁Let’s go ..

(Artwork Contributed by Mom Sheryl and Champ Myra)


The end result of this super adorable tree with tiny handprints is the cutest thing you will ever see!! The entire family can get involved and make their own tree handprints 🖐🏻🎄

You will need 

  • Art roll / Paper 
  • Dabble Finger Paints 
  • Dabble Paint brush 
  • Decorations like stars, glitter , Dabble Glue etc (optional)

How to Dabble 

  1. Tear a sheet off the art roll 
  2. Paint your child’s hand or anyone who wants to be part of this fun activity with a paint brush or just smear some paint on.
  3. Have them place their hands down on the paper
  4. Slightly press down their hands and lift the hand back up and continue this to the shape of a christmas tree. 
  5. Set the paper aside and let it try. Add a star on top and some glitter using Dabble Glue 


Such a fun and interesting activity to keep your child occupied !! 💜

You will need 

  • Painter's Tape
  • Art Roll or Canvas 
  • Dabble Finger Paints/ Dabble crayons
  • Child- friendly scissors
  • Dabble Paint Brush

How to Dabble

  1. Place the canvas on a flat surface
  2. Help your child to cut the painters tape into the shapes of the letters of a word of your choice, for example - "JOY"
  3. Once the word is done, use the paints or crayons to cover the canvas. You can use multiple colours and get as creative as possible! 
  4. Once the paint is dry, help your child to strip the tape off the canvas and voila! look at what you have! A marvellous piece of art 🎨 ✨️

(Artwork Contributed by Mom Neha and Champ Kabir)


Super precious and beautiful DIY Christmas wreath with tiny hand prints 🌼

You will need 

  • Art Roll/Paper
  • Dabble Finger Paints
  • Dabble Paint Brush
  • Decorations like ribbons, glitter, etc
  • Dabble Glue

    How to Dabble 

    1. Tear a sheet off the Art roll (you can also cut it in the shape of a circle)
    2. Using the Dabble Paint brush, paint your child's hand
    3. Have them softly press down their hands on the paper cover the outline of the circular sheet
    4. Set it aside and let it dry. Add a ribbon at the bottom of it and use some glitter using Dabble Glue


    A fun and engaging way to get creative with your children! Use this as tiny Christmas tree decors around your house 🎄🏡

    You will need

    • Paper Plates
    • Dabble Finger Paints/ Dabble crayons
    • Dabble Paint brush 
    • Pom Pom Balls 
    • Dabble Glue 

    How to Dabble

    1. Paint the paper plates with a Christmas theme
    2. Using the Dabble Glue, secure the plate into the shape of a cone so that it looks like a Christmas tree! 🎄
    3. And then stick the pom pom balls with the Dabble Glue as Christmas hangings on the paper plate tree.

    (Artwork Contributed by Mom Nithya and Champ Leela)


    We've all  heard the catchy Christmas tune by the same name and now you can have fun making your own !  🦌🔴

    You will need - 

    • Cardboard 
    • Dabble glue
    • Dabble Finger Paints/ Dabble crayons
    • Wool or shoelace
    • A pair of googly eyes
    • Pom Pom balls

    How to Dabble 

    1. Cut out a triangle shape out of a cardboard piece
    2. Glue three popsicle sticks on the outline of the triangle using Dabble glue
    3. Colour or paint the sticks before glueing them on 
    4. Take some wool or thick shoelace and glue it at the top to make antlers.

    Your reindeer is ready to prance ! 🦌


    If you have Dabble’s wooden DIY Kit , this activity will be super easy and beautiful 🧚🏻‍♀️😍

    You will need 

    • Dabble wooden peg doll kit. If not, individual wooden peg doll
    • Kite paper 
    • Dabble Glue 
    • Thread/ Wool 

    How to Dabble 

    1. Using Kite paper cover the wooden dolls head, make an angel wing , covering and anything you'd want to make it look like your sweet angel
    2. Use a thread or yarn to secure the covering . 
    3. You may also use Dabble Glue to stick a lil paper onto the doll here , just a bit to allow it from tearing or falling off 
    4. Place the doll next to your tree and there you have your cute DIY Angel!! 🧚🏻‍♀️

    (Artwork Contributed by Mom Aanchal and Champ Aara)


    Here is a popular and much -loved swirly Christmas tree activity that even very young children can do ! With a little imagination and our Dabble products, you can create your own swirly pattern raised salt Christmas tree 💚

    You will need

    • Cardboard or stiff paper 
    • Dabble Finger paints 
    • Salt 
    • Dropper (optional) 
    • Dabble glue 
    • Tiny bit of water 
    • Glitter / sequins (optional) 

    How to Dabble

    1. Trace the tree onto the paper
    2. Add glue to outline the shape
    3. Add a reasonably good amount of salt onto the glue and carefully shake the excess off 🧂
    4. Allow the glue and salt to completely dry
    5. Mix a little Dabble paint in water and use a dropper to carefully drip the paint onto the tree outline.( Do this very slowly to avoid drenching the salt. You need to allow time for the salt to absorb the colour before adding more drops) 
    6. Leave your salt painting to dry overnight 🎄

    The colour will slowly move throughout the pattern and it's so satisfying and fun to watch ! Children can take turns doing this 🤩

    (Artwork Contributed by Mom Ranjitha and Champ Ishan)


    Who said you could make a snowman only out of snow?☃️❄️

    You will need 

    • Cotton Balls
    • Art Roll
    • Dabble Finger paints 
    • Dabble Glue 
    • Buttons
    • Pencil

    How to Dabble 

    1. With a pencil, draw the outline of a snowman. 
    2. Use the Dabble Paints to draw a hat. And for the features on the face too. 
    3. Make cotton Balls and stick them on the outline of the snowman using the Dabble Glue. 
    4. And now stick the buttons too! 🔘
    5. Using the pencil or the Dabble Paints you can also draw hands for the snowman! ❄️

    (Artwork Contributed by Mom Niyati and Champ Aavya)


    There is something magical about snowflakes. Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike ? Isn't that amazing ? Now get ready to make your own unique snowflake ! 

    This is an easy Christmas craft for kids. 

    You will need

    • Popsicle sticks
    • Dabble glue 
    • Fancy buttons
    • Sequins/glue (optional)
    • Dabble Finger paints 

    How to Dabble

    1. Colour the popsicle sticks using any of our vibrant paints ! 
    2. Arrange the popsicle sticks to form the shape of a snowflake. Then one by one stick them together using Dabble glue. ❄️
    3. Glue fancy buttons onto the end of each popsicle. Add sequins or glitter for added effect to make your snowflake look magical ! ✨
    4. Tie a small ribbon to the end of one button  and hang it on the Christmas tree for all to admire !

    (Artwork Contributed by Mom Karen and Champ Andray)


    You will need

    • Dabble Finger paints 
    • Dabble crayons
    • Pencil
    • Art Roll

    How to Dabble

    1. Colour the art roll with multiple beautiful colours strips 
    2. Paint  a dark coloured paint on top of the coloured sheet 
    3. Let this dry for sometime 
    4. Use a pencil and start etching / scratching out abstract designs or make a Chrismas themed designs! 
    5. You won’t believe how BEAUTIFUL this artwork will look. Make a special card and gift it to someone special this Christmas 💌

    Choose any of these fun activities and create lasting Christmas memories with your loved ones ! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    Your whole family can spend hours together bonding over their own crafty creations with soft Christmas Carols playing in the background 🌲🎶🎵
    Make sure to take pictures and videos and have fun with the family ! Follow and tag us on Instagram ! 
    Merry Christmas everyone!! 🕯️🎅🏼