Families can become closer and siblings can bond by colouring together. What's not to appreciate about a quiet, calming hobby that you can enjoy with the people you love? It's a time for family bonding!🥰 The little ones can decide which colours everyone should use and who will colour where, so it may end up being a pleasant activity. If you’re colouring the same page, you’re working as a team. Colouring fosters a sense of unity, even if you're working on separate pages. A colouring session is a wonderful opportunity for parent and child cuddles, conversation about the day, and story sharing. The relaxing nature of the activity makes colouring an ideal pre-bedtime ritual as well. 😴

Children like colouring for a very long time since it keeps them entertained and occupied. By colouring more, one can improve one's colouring abilities. Children develop their creativity as they are introduced to the free-form of art. Drawing and colouring offer quick fixes as you can grab crayons off the shelf for those chilly, rainy days when the family is cooped up inside. Choose what works best for your family, and don't forget that colouring and doodling are more than simply enjoyable activities—they have numerous positive effects on both physical and mental growth.🌈

The Best crayons suggested for toddlers or 1 year old’s - Dabble Chunkies -They are Non-Toxic crayons enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax, natural waxes, and coconut oil and are long-lasting. The pack comes with 3 unique jumbo crayons with child-grip transport shapes for toddlers. Inspires multi-sensory colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing.

The Best crayons suggested for toddlers or 2.5 years+ - Dabble Crayons -They come in 8 unique and vibrant child-grip shapes that inspire multi-dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing and are 100% toxin-free and child-safe so your kids can colour away!🖍️

Let’s move on to the Benefits of Colouring and Drawing for Children:

Colouring has a lot of developmental advantages! It involves more than creating a vibrant preschool piece of art. Children can develop the muscles in their fingers, hands, and wrists to help them manipulate small things by drawing on large art rolls and canvases.

Enhances fine motor development 

Young children usually begin by putting a crayon on the paper while holding it in their fists. They begin to grip it with their fingers as their fine motor abilities advance, and eventually, they learn to handle their crayon beyond a scribble. These are the first stages toward learning how to use a pencil to draw or write, a necessary skill for future learning. In addition to improving hand-eye coordination, developing fine motor skills can lead to new opportunities for exploration, education, and artistic expression. For instance, a child's hand needs to be strong and coordinated enough to hold a pencil steadily for an extended amount of time in order to learn to write or draw.

 Improves hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the capacity to interpret visual information to lead and direct the hands to carry out a task.👀Your children can benefit immensely from learning simple coordination techniques like how to hold crayons, which colour to use, how to sharpen pencils and pencils, how hard to press for different shades while colouring, etc. Children will also be able to align their actions with the information they receive from their visual system. It is said that children might avoid physical activities in the future and may have a challenging intellectual learning experience if they don't have adequate hand-eye coordination.

According to Psychological Science, the development of children's cognition and their capacity for physical interaction with their surroundings are strongly correlated.

 Develops tripod grasp 

After 2 years of extensive research by the founders of Dabble with the help of occupational therapists, Chunkies and Crayons for children were introduced. These crayons come with the perfect grasp for toddlers and tripod grip for preschoolers to hold and colour. 

Tripod grip for toddlers is very important as it helps them build fine motor skills and also strengthens the small muscles in their hands. When a child holds a crayon, they are working on the strength of the intrinsic muscles of the hand. This also stimulates brain development.🖍️

Enhance children's imagination

Colouring improves the imagination ability of kids as children shouldn't be restricted to drawing in a specific manner or on small canvases, They love to move around and are not yet into the “sit and do art” kind of experience. Smaller the hands, larger the canvas. Therefore the Art roll is the perfect canvas to enjoy and colour and draw away! As artistic abilities to draw shapes and form develop such as circles and lines, it's great to introduce Dabble colouring pages with open-ended prompts to inspire imagination. The world of art and colour is limitless and endless and so is the imagination of lil ones. Unlike adults, children don't have rules when they look at the world. For them, the world big happy fairytale.🤩

 Builds concentration and focus

Focus is one important skill that your children can learn from colouring. It has been proven that children who spend their time colouring have a better attention span and focus. Colouring activates your frontal lobe and thus helps in problem-solving. It also trains the brain to focus.👨🏻‍🎓

 Promotes creativity and self-expression

When children are given the freedom to decide the colours that they want to use in their colouring page, it exercises their creativity when they are not restricted by rules. Dabble Pages are first-of-its-kind action-packed pages of creative art prompts to spark the imagination of kids. These pages come with no rules – just playful art exploration! Colouring helps develop imaginative thinking, and encourages kinesthetic development and tactile exploration. Let your child explore art freely with no limits so that they can confidently draw whatever they feel like.  Everybody is unique, just like every work of art. 🥰If you've ever received a child's colouring masterpiece, you know the incredible joy they feel when sharing something they made and especially when it's displayed for all to see on the family fridge!✨

Relaxes and helps calm tantrums 

Focussed colouring can have a calming effect on tantrums in children and is therapeutic as they shift their focus to concentrate on the process of colouring and finishing their drawings. This peaceful activity can provide an outlet for expressing their emotions and helps as an activity to distract children as well.

Colouring enthusiasts claim that colouring makes them feel calmer, happier, and more relaxed.😌

Helps with identifying & matching colours

Dabble Crayons come in different fun shapes and colours, thus helping in identifying and matching colours and shapes. The colours on crayons are generally bright and help children identify colours easily. The classic 'colour matching' activity can be done by colouring on the respective matches. The 'Colour by number ' activity will also help in colour matching skills as well. Colouring helps in visual differentiation skills, visual scanning, visual attention, and visual memory needed to identify and match colours which are part of the visual perceptual skills.💙💜🖤❤️

Language Development

Children tend to make up a million cute and highly imaginative stories while creating art, colouring, painting etc. This helps in sentence formations, storytelling skills, language development, etc., helping them increase their vocabulary and language skills.👌🏼 Encourage them to make up their own spun stories and you'll have a good time listening and watching them grow! 😍


Well.. do we need more convincing? It is clear that colouring and drawing have unending benefits and skill-building advantages. Painting and drawing are enjoyable activities anyone can engage in anywhere and anytime! Through regular artistic pursuits, a person can benefit from enhanced sensory and motor skills in addition to an improved cerebral and brain activity. It is so beautiful to see a child indulge in the world of art and colour. Let kids colour with wild abandon not having to adhere to colouring the “perfect picture”! A sheet of blank paper and a box of crayons can do wonders and serve as the basis for storytelling and artworks. Sometimes as adults as well, it is important to take a break to indulge your inner child and let stress fly out the window! 💚💚

Let your colours make some noise!! 🌈