World Art day is here. And what better way to celebrate than creating art from the heart? At Dabble, we let our kids be the best for who they are. Get ready for an adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and endless possibilities! We celebrated World Art Day 2024 with about more than 300 people-young and old, toddlers, kids, parents, siblings, grandparents and they expressed their creativity without any boundaries or limitations.

Our community set on a remarkable project: the creation of a Community Tree Painting, a symbol of unity through art.

From all over Bangalore, people of every age, from pint-sized Picassos to seasoned creators, gathered to make art. We were fueled by a shared vision: to create something that would transcend individual differences and reflect the beauty of freedom to express. At Dabble, we believe that art has no boundaries- one can have the freedom to express (colour whatever they want, may or may not be within the lines),freedom of age limits(even babies can dabble, so can an old grandparent), freedom to unite (people from all age groups and families united to create the masterpiece), freedom of endless possibilities.  Thus, the idea of a Community Tree was born – a living  witness to the power of art to unite us.

The event of World Art Day 2024 began with a vast canvas stretched out before us, a blank slate awaiting the touch of imagination. With the help of small childrens and our dabble family, a tree trunk emerged, its branches reaching skyward in anticipation of the vibrant life that would soon adorn them.

As the canvas awaited its transformation, children from all corners of Bangalore eagerly gathered on 7th April 2024, their faces alight with excitement. With fingers and palms dabbled in dabble finger paints, running paint brushes with joyful strokes, coloured kite papers, and non toxic crayons, they set to work, each stroke a proof to the endless creativity that resides within us all. For in the world of art, it is rightly said there are no boundaries, no age limits – only the freedom to express oneself in whatever form it may take.

The children painted with fun and laughter. The joy was in the air with the mingling scent of fresh paint and the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Each child poured their heart and soul into their masterpiece, their imaginations taking flight with every brushstroke.

And so, our Community Tree began to take shape, its branches adorned with landscapes of colours and images, each one a reflection of the individual who created it. Some painted swirls and shapes, while others drew animals or wrote their names. There were so many different ideas!

On World Art Day, we unveiled our masterpiece to the world, inviting all to marvel at its beauty and significance. As visitors wandered among its branches, they were captivated by the sense of unity and joy that radiated from every leaf.

This ‘Community Strength Tree’ painting represents how strong our community is when we grow together and empower one another. 

Our Community Tree is more than just a temporary installation – it is a living reminder of the power of art to bring us together. It serves as a witness to what we can accomplish when we set aside our differences and work towards a common goal. And as it continues to grow and evolve in the years to come, so too will our community, rooted firmly in the belief that art has the power to change the world.

Our tree isn't just a painting – it's a reminder that art can bring us together. It shows that no matter how old we are or where we're from, we can all have fun and make something beautiful. And that's something worth celebrating on World Art Day.

Last but not least, we are grateful to UNESCO for encouraging all artists and dedicating a special day for Art. 

On a fun note:  We are inviting you to a giveaway. Share and participate as many of CHILD'S and YOUR activities, art and creative expressions! Use square paper /cardboard pieces/canvas,any size to draw, paint, whatever makes you happy. Be it a rainbow, ice-cream, some balloons, or mummy, papa… anything in your imaginations. Don't forget to tag us on instagram using #artfromtheheart. There's a fun, BIG surprise(some goodies worth INR 3K with love from Dabble) in the end as to how all our art comes together. Share your creations by 23rd April.