At Dabble, every day is a vibrant celebration, bursting with the colours of spring! Families gather here, creating joyful memories through colourful activities that foster connection and closeness. As winter fades away, we embrace the fresh energy of the season, reconnecting with loved ones and appreciating the simple pleasures.

Inspired by the spirit of renewal that comes with Easter, we encourage families to embrace the beauty of togetherness. With a focus on creative Easter activities for kids, Dabble offers a space where artistic expression flourishes alongside playful laughter and springtime joy. Join us at Dabble, where every day promises the chance to hatch new memories, filled with love and laughter, all infused with the magic of spring.

The world is a wonderland for children, brimming with boundless curiosity and a sense of wonder. Their laughter fills our space, echoing the joy and innocence of spring. At Dabble, we celebrate the magic of childhood, nurturing creativity and fostering a sense of belonging across generations. Here, families come together, strengthening bonds through shared experiences and moments of pure happiness.

This Easter, swap screen time for easter activities with Dabble and get crafty with some egg-cellent Easter activities for kids!  Dabble's safe and child-safe art supplies are the perfect companions for unleashing your child's creativity and celebrating the magic of spring.

Dabble lets you rewrite the Easter story – paint your masterpiece and celebrate Easter in a vibrant new way! 

Here are the Best Easter activities for kids that combine the wonder of spring with the joy of artistic exploration.

1.Decorate the Easter eggs 

Materials needed 

How to Dabble

  • Grab your art roll and use dabble crayons to draw a large egg shape. This will be your guide for decorating. Feel free to adjust the size depending on your preference.
  • Inside the drawn egg shape, use a dabble crayon to sketch out different Easter patterns. You can draw stripes, polka dots, flowers, bunnies, or any design that sparks your imagination.
  • Now, it's time to get crafty! Apply a generous amount of chunky glue to the drawn egg shape on the art roll.
  • Tear or crush the craft paper. Gently press the colourful pieces onto the glue-covered egg, filling in the entire area.  Use a variety of colours and textures to create a unique speckled effect. 
  • Once the glue is dry, you can use Dabble Crayons to add details or outlines to your design.
  • Cut the easter egg from the art roll. Now you have a beautiful, textured Easter egg ready to showcase!

    2.Animal Handprint Art

    Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    •  On your sheet of paper, use a pencil to lightly outline the shape of a bunny(you can draw any animal of your choice). This will serve as a guide for placing your handprints.
    • Choose your favourite Dabble finger paint colours and pour them onto a plate or shallow tray. Select a colour for the bunny's body (like white or pink) and use a paintbrush to spread it evenly over your child's palm.
    •  Carefully press your child's painted hand onto the art roll, placing it near the top of the pre-drawn bunny outline. This will create one of the bunny's floppy ears. Repeat this step with a different paint colour (like brown) and create another handprint next to the first one to form the other ear.
    • Allow the handprints to dry completely. This might take 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of paint used.
    • Now for the fun part!  Once dry, use chunky glue to attach two googly eyes to the bunny's face, following the pre-drawn bunny outline.
    • Time for a touch of cuteness!  Apply a small amount of chunky glue to the centre of the bunny's face, just below the eyes. Gently press the pom pom onto the glue to create a fluffy nose.
    • Now your cute bunny handprint art is ready!


     3.Easter Straw Print Art

    Materials needed 

    How to dabble 

    •  On your art roll, use a pencil to draw a large circle. This will be the chick's body.
    • Get creative with your straw! Cut about 3 cm from one end. Carefully bend the cut end outwards to create several little petals, resembling a flower shape. This will be your stamping tool.
    • Pour your chosen Dabble finger paint colours onto a plate or shallow tray. Select a bright yellow paint and dip the flower end of your straw into it. Gently dab the straw onto the drawn circle on the art roll, filling it with colourful dots. You can use different colours to create a more vibrant chick.
    • Allow the paint to dry completely. This might take 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of paint used.
    • Now, it's time for the wings! Cut out two triangular shapes from your yellow construction paper. These will be the chick's wings.
    • Grab your orange construction paper and cut out a small triangle for the chick's beak.
    • Apply a small amount of chunky glue to the back of each wing and carefully press them onto the chick's body on the art roll.  Repeat with the beak, placing it near the bottom centre of the circle.
    •  To complete your adorable chick, use chunky glue to attach two googly eyes above the beak.


    Spring has sprung, and with it comes a chance to bloom! Ditch the ordinary and embrace the vibrant colours of Easter with Dabble. Celebrate new beginnings with a creative explosion alongside your little ones!

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