At Dabble, every day is a joyous celebration, echoing the vibrant spirit of colours. Families gather here, engaging in colourful activities that foster closeness and connection. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we take a moment to revel in the simple pleasures, infusing each experience with unity and togetherness. Inspired by the festive vibes of Holi, we embrace diversity and encourage families to bask in the beauty of togetherness. With a focus on art activities for kids, we offer a space where creativity flourishes alongside laughter and play. Join us at Dabble, where each day promises laughter, love, and cherished memories infused with the essence of Holi.

The world is an endless playground filled with excitement and wonder for our little ones. Their laughter fills our space, echoing the innocence and joy of childhood. At Dabble, we treasure the magic of growing up, nurturing curiosity and a sense of belonging that spans generations. Here, parents and children unite, strengthening bonds through shared experiences and moments of pure happiness. 

With various Holi-inspired activities for kids, including art, music, dance, and play, we welcome families with open arms, celebrating each other's uniqueness and creating lasting memories together.

Make Holi a creative explosion with Dabble colours!💥🌈

Top 6 Holi art activities for kids 

While classic Holi involves specific powders and dyes, Dabble lets you create your mini-festival with exciting alternatives:

  • Holi Dahan Art
  • Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Begin by taking a sheet of paper and outlining the shape of a fire on it.
    • Next, gather some twigs and affix them to the bottom of the outlined fire shape using glue.
    • Now, take pieces of red, yellow, and orange kite paper and crumple them up.
    • Using the chunky glue, carefully attach the crumpled pieces of paper onto the outlined fire shape, covering it completely.
    • Once all the paper pieces are securely attached and the fire shape is filled in, your Holi Dahan Art is complete!

  • Spin the Colours
  • Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Start by taking a sheet of paper and cutting out a circle shape.
    • Place the circle inside the salad spinner.
    • Add paints of your choice onto the circle.
    • Close the salad spinner and start spinning it.
    • Watch as the colours spread and blend, creating mesmerising patterns.
    • Once you're satisfied with the design, stop spinning.
    • Carefully open the salad spinner and take out your spin art masterpiece.
    • Your spin art is now ready to be admired and displayed!


    Credits : Little Dabbler Laya and Dabble Mom Mathangi

    1. Splish Splash Art 

    Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Begin by taking a spray bottle and filling it with water.
    • Add a few drops of paint of your choice to the spray bottle.
    • Secure the cap tightly and shake the bottle well to mix the water and paint thoroughly.
    • Lay out an art roll or any cloth that you don't mind getting painted on.
    • Hold the spray bottle over the surface of the art roll or cloth and spray the paints onto it.
    • Encourage your little one to have fun with the spray bottle, creating art by spraying the paints in different patterns and directions.
    • Let the artwork dry completely before displaying or handling it.
    • Enjoy the process of creating colourful spray art together!

    1. Balloon Art 

    Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Start by taking balloons and blowing them up to the desired size.
    • Next, gather Dabble finger paints in various colours.
    • Dip the blown-up balloon into the finger paint, covering the surface with paint.
    • Carefully dab the painted balloon onto the Dabble art roll or any surface you're using for your artwork.
    • Repeat the process with different colours and balloons to create a vibrant and textured painting.
    • Allow the paint to dry completely before handling or displaying the artwork.
    • Enjoy the fun and creativity of balloon painting with Dabble finger paints!

    1. Blow art 

    Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Begin by taking an art roll and drawing a pichkari (water gun) shape on it.
    • Carefully cut out the pichkari shape from the art roll.
    • Stick the cut-out pichkari onto another sheet of paper using glue..
    • Decorate the pichkari with Dabble finger paints, adding colourful designs and patterns.
    • Take some Dabble finger paints and mix them with a few drops of water to thin the paint slightly.
    • Apply the thinned finger paints to the mouth of the pichkari, creating the illusion of water.
    • Take a straw and place it near the painted mouth of the pichkari.
    • Blow gently through the straw to create an effect as if the paint is coming out of the pichkari, adding a dynamic touch to your artwork.
    • Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying or handling the finished pichkari art piece.
    • Enjoy the creative process and admire your unique and festive pichkari artwork

    Credits: Little Dabbler Urvi and Dabble Mom Surbhi

    1. Holi reveal Art 

    Materials needed 

    How to Dabble 

    • Start by taking an art roll and writing "Happy Holi" on it using Dabble chunky glue. Allow the glue to dry completely.
    • Once the glue has dried, gather Dabble finger paints and a pom-pom.
    • Dip the pom-pom into the fingerpaint of your choice.
    • Carefully dab the painted pom-pom onto the sheet over the dried glue, revealing the "Happy Holi" message with colourful paint.
    • Continue dabbing paint with the pom-pom until the entire message is filled with vibrant colours, creating a festive Holi art piece.
    • Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying or handling the artwork.
    • Enjoy the magic of revealing your Happy Holi message through colourful finger paints!

    Download your Holi activities for kids Art Cards Here 👇

    Holi Art Cards

    Here are some additional benefits of using Dabble for your Holi activities:

    • Open-ended Creativity: Dabble products encourage exploration and experimentation, allowing your children to express themselves freely.
    • Sensory Exploration: The textures and colours of Dabble finger paint provide a fun sensory experience for your little ones.
    • Fine Motor Skill Development: Engaging in these activities helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
    • Washable & Easy Cleanup: Dabble products are designed to be easily washable, minimising cleanup time after your Holi fun!

    So, this Holi, ditch the stress and get ready to celebrate with a vibrant explosion of colour and creativity alongside your kids!

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