Are you looking to celebrate Mother’s Day with your kids in the most unique and thoughtful way this Mother’s Day? First Mother’s Day as a new mom or Mother’s Day with a toddler or when kids are young are precious memories and truly magical moments to cherish. Mother’s day holds a special place in our hearts. At Dabble, we aim to bring parents and children together to create memories that could be cherished forever. One such beautiful way is through a creative Mother's day art that you and your child can do together. Handmade art, especially paintings, have a sentimental value and they are a splendid way to show how much we treasure our mothers. Finding thoughtful gifts for Mother’s day can be tricky especially for kids and toddlers(without you doing most of it alone). Here, we will explore some easy and simple mothers day art activities for kids that will create a strong bond and memories forever.

Unique Handmade Gifts for Mother’s day from the Little Ones

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Imagine your kid painted you as a superhero on one such painting; it would undoubtedly bring tears of joy to your eyes. Aren't these creations precious? Handmade gifts always carry a personal touch and they are a wonderful expression of love and affection regardless of age. When it comes to Mother's Day, a creative painting can speak volumes about your feelings. It's not just about the final product, but the thought, effort, and time that are put into creating it. 

We’ve prepared a list of DIY cards, flower bouquets using various painting techniques, ideal for a thoughtful last-minute gift for mom. Alternatively, if you're looking for a good Mother's Day activity, you can get all the supplies ready in advance and spend time with her doing the activity during Mother's Day brunch.

Easy and Creative Mother’s day Activities for kids

Our Mother's day art activities are not only simple and enjoyable to create in the comfort of your home (using many leftover materials and everyday household items), but they also show Mom or Grandma how much you care, in a manner that purchasing from a store cannot replicate. This sentiment holds especially true when looking for a Mother's Day gift from toddlers and younger children.

We have thoughtfully curated five age-appropriate playart DIY activities for early years that any child can comfortably create. As a parent, it’s also good to be conscious about the skills that develop in the process of play -  Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Emotional Expression, Spatial Awareness, Language and Communication top the list. 

Get ready to Dabble with some easy and creative art and craft ideas for your kids :

1. Handprint and footprint Cards

Undoubtedly, a mother’s heart fills with joy seeing those tiny handprints and footprints. So, let’s create something that the tiny ones can express their love most innocently. The idea could be simple - dab your little hands into finger paints and create unique patterns or shapes on the canvas. You can paint a flower and use the thumbprints for petals or use handprints or footprints for creating the leaves. Alternatively, you can just fill the canvas with colourful prints and add a sweet message to create creative Mother's day art. 

It's not just about the painting, but the memories it holds, making it a perfect Mother's Day gift. 

What you need-

  1. Dabble Non-toxic Finger paints or any finger paints that you have.
  2. Art rolls or Cards
handprint and footprint cards for mothers day

 Credits: Little Dabbler Aira


2.  Tie and Dye Art

Painting vibrant flowers or a bouquet symbolizes the love and appreciation for Mom. Using tissue paper and finger paints, you can create a tie-and-dye art for kids that beautifully reflects your mom’s favourite blooms, bringing an extra dose of joy to her day. Follow the instructions as per the video link below and make colourful tie-and-die art. 

Fold the vibrant tie-and-dye tissue paper from the centre into a flower shape. Use pipe cleaners, preferably green in colour, to tie the flower from the bottom and form a stem. Add around 3 to 5 flowers into a vase and your tie-and-dye flower bouquet is ready! 

You can also consider painting the vase filled with flowers. Use vibrant colours to make the painting more appealing. This way you can make relaxing, self-expressive mothers day activities for kids

What you need-

  1. Dabble Non-toxic finger paints or any finger paints that you have.
  2. Thick tissue paper
  3. Dropper(optional)
  4. Pipe cleaners for flower stems

Refer to this Video : 

Tie and dye art

 Credits: Little Dabbler Laya

3. Abstract Art 

Creating art that allows you to express your emotions freely to your mom is the best gift that a child can give to their mother. One such art is Abstract art. Abstract art allows children to express emotions freely. Abstract art is all about expressing emotions and ideas rather than depicting a realistic scene. As a toddler, you can use different shapes, colours, and brush strokes to convey your feelings. A simple method to create a creative form of abstract art is a Q tip flower using cotton swabs. Dip cotton swabs in finger paints to create dots. Form a circle, square, or any shape you want for the flowers. Draw free lines using finger paints or crayons to create the stem of the flowers. Draw a pot, colour and take a cut out. You can use recycled paper cups as well for the pot.  Paste the pot in the card using Dabble error correction formula glue for kids. Your simplest yet creative abstract art card is ready for Mother's Day and your mother will preserve it as a keepsake forever.

What do you need:

  1. Finger paints
  2. Cotton bud
  3. Non toxic Glue
  4. Art Paper.
Q tip flower

 Credits: Little Dabbler Inaaya


4.   Marble Shaving Cream Art

Experimenting with different mediums or mixed media art adds a twist to Mother's day art. This involves combining different artistic mediums like paint, paper, fabric, foam etc. For instance, you can create marble art cards for Mother’s day using shaving cream, liquid paints, and card stock.

First, you have to add a layer of shaving foam to a dish. Use a dropper to add liquid paints or non toxic paints for kids. Swirl the paint with a stick. Press card stock to marble shaving foam Scrape off shaving foam. Reuse the shaving foam and create more. This will create a beautiful surprise for your mom. It is an engaging mothers day activity for kids and you and your child can do it together on a Mother’s day afternoon.

What do you need:

  1. Shaving Foam
  2. Liquid paints or Finger paints
  3. Shallow Dish
  4. Dropper
  5. Card Stock Paper
Marble Shave painting


5. Mandala Art for mothers day

Creating art can be a stress-buster for mothers. So why not give yourself some me-time with Mandala art? In that way, you can preserve a card for yourself or gift it to your mom or grandmom. Involve kids as well because art is not about perfection. It is about imperfection, the bonds, the memories, and the unity, the teamwork we create together.  

Mandala art need not be as complex as on Pinterest and Instagram. You can find mandalas in flowers, sun, spider webs, bubbles, eyes, tree rings, etc. Create an idea and let's start. This mother’s day activity promotes relaxation and mindfulness while fostering creativity in both children and mothers alike.

What do you need:

  1. Free downloadable Mandala printable
  2. Liquid finger paints


Mandala art


Credits: Shruti Kapoor and Lil One from our Dabble community


Painting from community

     Credits: Our Dabbler community

Creating a creative Mother's day art is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation. It's a gift that your mom will treasure forever. Remember, it's not about creating a perfect art, but about expressing your feelings and making your mom feel special. So, pick up your non-toxic art supplies and start creating a masterpiece for your mom and grandmom!