I was really keen on introducing art to Sanjeev from an early age as I personally love doing Art and Crafts . But as always I wanted something toxin- free for him as Art is more about Free expression and the experience. 

In this context i was searching for Child Safe and Toxic Free art supplies for Sanjeev , thats when I got to know Dabble and must say all my requirements was what they were providing with their products. I then got to know more about the team and their story and journey  was really inspiring and being a mother , I could  very well connect to it . From then on DABBLE PRODUCTS have been an integral part of our Art and Craft time . When its from Dabble there’s truly  nothing I would doubt! We just love the  brand and their vision . 

Creativity is something with which every child is born and me as a parent wanted to provide Sanjeev , my son with an experience where he can bring out his ideas and creativity, and Dabble products really help me to give that experience..

We have done Not one but many activities and mostly all our activities involve Dabble Products. Our favourite have been the Dabble Finger Paints . With the Paints , his most loved activity is Free Play , hand impressions , or blending the colours to see the magic of getting a new colour! We also recently made a Snowmann Splatter Art and also a butterfly Spat!

Contributed by Mownika (Dabble Mom) Sanjeev Dabble Champ)

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