My little Picasso just love the colours more than anything!! Mahir loves such activities..he literally enjoys them so I keep experimenting with him. He loves the colours but doesn't want his hands to be after so much of survey, research and trying so many normal brushes I finally found these CHUBBY BRUSHES from Dabble PlayArt which are perfect for his little hands.These brushes not only  help him in painting but in developing his pre-writing skills, concern traction, focus, creativity etc. Indeed they super safe, soft ,non toxic and kids friendly.

Mahir and me did this activity to make AN ABSTRACT PAINTING using the CHUBBY BRUSHES FROM DABBLE..Such abstract art can also be done using different methods.One of them is done by using Dabble Chubby Brushes, Paints and shaving cream 

Method -

  • Put the shaving cream (foam one) in a tray.
  • With the help of a dropper put different colours on the foam.
  • With the help of the CHUBBY BRUSHES BY DABBLE he spread the colours.
  • Keep the hard white sheet on the foam and press it from everywhere so that the sheet got the impression of the colours.
  • Slowly and gradually remove the sheet and with the help of hard paper cut out remove the foam.
  • And finally you will get a nice abstract painting 🤩

Contributed by Kanika (Dabble Mom) Mahir (Dabble Champ)

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