Dabble finger paints are our favourite!!
I introduced paints to my little one when he was just 10 months old! But then I was using normal paints of other brands which were hard to wash off his hands and feet.

Later when I discovered Dabble finger paints there was no looking back. We both have become big fan of these paints and use them almost everyday.

My little one loves painting a lot and so these are perfect paints for him. They are child safe and just by water wash he is all cleaned up. We are also in love with Dabble pages as those are free canvas for him to explore and express his creativity.

I just setup one dabble page and few paints for him and he is all by himself making stories out of it and coloring by his own. No instructions or rules around it while painting, so its his free time as well as fun time.

I am a proud mom to be associated with dabble products and I highly recommend it to all my friends.

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- Contributed by Rujuta Naphade (Dabbler mom)