Right from my childhood, I am not at all interested in art. I didn't even hold a paint brush or a crayon. But, now when I see the children with such imagination and creativity, I feel I want to take advantage of it.

So, I thought about introducing art to my child. But he is still mouthing due to which I couldn’t give him regular crayons or sketches. So I made DIY paints  using artificial colours. He wanted to explore them but I couldn't allow it and thus he lost his interest. I felt he needs something more realistic but should be safe and non toxic

And the AI does its magic again. An Instagram ad popped up. That's it, I ordered crayon chunkies which are a hit. He loved them at first sight. The grip is perfect and the shape, the vibrant colours attracted him.

And I have an obsession for cardboard boxes. Just look at the box it comes with, how sturdy and cute it is. The slots for crayons is a brilliant idea, because it teaches the child the sense of partition, the urge to keep the crayons back in the slots which itself is a play. 

And now, the most difficult part is cleaning up and dabbling. The best part, just a piece of cloth and a few drops of coconut oilTada!! Everything is cleaned up. My kid is excited to see how the crayon marks vanishes with a wipe every time I clean up and he does it too.

To be frank, I felt the dabble products were costly. But after using them, trust me, they are really worth every penny. Looking forward to adding more to his art tray.

The bottom line:

The crayons are precious for him and hence is the box for me.

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- Contributed by Sindhuja BD (Dabbler mom)