Chaarvi started with dabble colours at the age of 2. She would pour colour on paper and play with it. She was never confined to hands and she loved painting with her feet too. She clearly was in no mood to follow methods and techniques. She just wanted to enjoy her painting sessions which ended up with her being coloured from head to toe. And since dabble colours are all natural and child safe I always felt stress free.

Now she is 3 years old and has started showing interest in patterns and wants to use various tools to paint. This is our first painting where we have not gone wild and have actually tried to paint a scenery.

The grass was made using a comb and the orange flowers were stamped with bubble wrap. Lots of orange and yellow colour was poured on the paper and we used a ball to spread it in circular motion to make the sun. Then came the birds with dabble brushes.

We decided to finish our painting here but then the paper got torn and in order to hide that we painted the tree. Leaves were painted just like the sun. Lots of green and then stomp stomp with a ball.

Chaarvi had lots of fun painting this and wanted to explore more.

Then she wanted to paint birds, she took fresh paper and poured all the colours we had. She used a big fat brush to spread the colours, added feathers and pompoms to it and tada her birds were ready to spread their wings!

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- Contributed by Anisha Aggarwal (Dabbler mom)