How do you define art ? To me, it’s an expression, one without boundaries or any symmetry. Growing up I was an A grade student, but when it came to Drawing, it was always a C. I didn’t understand anything about drawing and because of always being graded that way, I started to believe I can’t do it at all and to date I can’t draw.

With Myra I wanted to break that cycle and give her a free space to do it, without any judgement. One where she could create whatever she wanted. We introduced colours to Myra when she was as little as 18 months old. Messy play with colours has been one of our favourites.

Why you should introduce colours to your toddlers:

😊Great for developing fine motor skills.

😊Fosters creativity and expression of thoughts.

😊Exposes the child to colours, textures, helps in learning and identifying colours.

😊Gives child a sensory experience.

😊Mess is extremely good for kids, especially those with sensory challenges.

Myra was sent these fun finger paints and chunky crayons (great for kids in the age group of 2 years) from Dabble and her excitement is evident from these photos.


Do your kids love art but you’re scared to offer them colours because of the chemicals? These are non toxic and most importantly wash off super easy.

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- Contributed by Michelle Noronha (Dabbler mom)