We have used Dabble paints and Dabble crayons till now, and we have loved them a lot. The paints are non toxic, smooth and smell amazing. The tint is so bright. Also the biggest plus point is that they are easily washable since my toddler loves to smear the paints all over herself and her playing mat. 🤩💜

We had a Sunday morning: painting time with Nanu. We showed her how to make handprints by smearing the paints on our hands and then smacking them on paper. She loved doing that and then also painted her cute tiny feet with blue, red and yellow paint. 

She is a free soul who doesn’t like to be confined to any parameter,and that is why we use non toxic Dabble playart finger paints which will be safe for her to experiment with.

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Contributed by Shilpa (Dabble mom) and Samyukta (Dabble Champ)