My baby love to play with paints. But as every mother I was afraid to give her normal paints as I was worried about her sensitive skin. Then only I came to know about Dabble paints. Now I am tension free and she is now free to use her imagination with colors. She loves painting with Dabble. 

She starts in a neat way and ends up digging inside the colors, haha !  🤩💚

Dabble colors are so bright and brings up our babies bright ideas. On first day I introduced colors and a while paper on which she had painted for her own. The we focused on the Shark activity that was sent on Dabble’s community group on Whatsapp. Dabble PlayArt  finger paints is her favorite now!!

Watch this budding artist Dabble away HERE

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Contributed by Neenu(Dabble mom) and Kalga (Dabble Champ)