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For the First time my daughter Aanya ,  got use to painting! The Chubby brushes are so good to hold and grip . The Dabble paint colour are vibrant and also very easy to clean as well. Yes initially she didn't like when her hand was getting messy by the colours but she is trying to explore it by see her like this is itself an amazing feeling for me as a mom!!

We started off our art activities with Paper ,three colours and brush. First with a single color and later  by mixing making new shades everytime . Even I enjoyed too

Contributed by Maitry (Dabble mom) and Aanya  (Dabble Champ)

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Dabble FInger Paints 

🖌️ A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrance from coconut oil – which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for toddlers.

🖌️ 3 Primary coloured non- toxic finger paints for the early years that encourage toddlers to mix and create new colours in a tactile way.