It’s always so much fun sitting together with my little one and Dabble.

Once the activity finishes, the outcome of our artwork using the Dabble products really excites us and makes us so happy. Being 100% non-toxic and so easy to clean,  I am always so relaxed in whatsoever way my kid want to use the colours.

Being a working mom, Dabble gives me the opportunity of spending a fruitful time with the kid and we bond so well over these art related activities. 😍😍

We have used Dabble non toxic finger paints various time to do 

  • Palm painting
  • Leaf painting 

  • Cellophane paper activity
  • Dots painting 

  • Sponge painting etc… 

Contributed by Sweta (Dabble mom) and Jeeyaansh (Dabble Champ)

We have also used Dabble chunky crayons to do multiple scribbling activity!!

🎨Made with natural ingredients, our finger paints are skin-friendly and child-safe.

🎨They feel and smell good too, so kids can enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

🎨And, they're washable! So you can wash them from the skin or wipe them off surfaces easily.

🖍️GRASP-FRIENDLY: Our crayons are 3D shaped, so tiny hands can grasp them easily.

🖍️LEARN NEW COLOURS: Colour with 2 different colours to create new ones! Learning colour mixing with our crayons is easy because they blend together well.

Now, let your colours make some noise! 🌈🌈

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