Dabble, is a Nature-Friendly product! My child is of 17 months old & every time I choose Dabble over any other product in the market it gives me a sense of safety & security when I put colours in my Little one's hands. 

Thank you in tons Dabble & team! ❤️Indebted, so you'll forever Keep, going with ✨ God's Blessings.

We have done so many free play and activity based activities with Dabble like 

– Math & Art - Learning shapes with the help of wooden blocks & Dabble Colours.

– Fingerpaints

– Palm prints

– Free play 

– And more nature-oriented sensory activities.

What do our products do?

🌈 Inspires imagination

🌈 Builds problem-solving skills

🌈 Teaches independence

🌈 Gives room for creative expression

Now, let your colours make some noise! 🌈

Contributed by Lakshmi (Dabble Mom) Vihaan Dabble Champ)

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