Looking for last-minute, easy DIY Easter egg activities? Hold that thought - Read these activities below and try them NOW ! Get yout bunnies to indulge in these engaging ideas ❤️

One way to get into the Easter spirit is by engaging in art activities that are fun, easy, and perfect for all ages. From painting eggs to creating festive decorations, there are endless possibilities for creative expression during this holiday season. 

So grab your Dabble Art Supplies and let's get started on some egg-citing Easter art projects! 🎉

Pom Pom Painting Eggs

How to Dabble ? 

🥚Start by drawing an egg shape on your Art Roll

🥚Then , Cut out a few Egg Shaped pieces 

🥚Pour out some of out Vibrant Dabble paints on a palette  

🥚Let your lil one’s take a few Cloth Drying Clips and Pick the pom pom balls with the clips 

🥚Then , dip these pom pom balls in Paint 

🌈Dab Dab Dabble away on the paper eggs to create beautiful textures ❤️

Create Buntings with your lil’s one’s Masterpieces 🎉🥳

Shaving Foam Egg Art 

How to Dabble ? 

🥚Cut out an egg shaped cardboard piece 

Squirt out some Shaving Foam on a paper plate

🥚Add on a few drops of Dabble paints on the foam 

🥚Let your lil one Mix and mix to create colourful patterns 

🥚Gently place the paper egg onto the surface of the coloured shaving cream and press it down slightly to ensure it gets fully coated with the paint mixture. 

🥚Lift the egg back up and set it aside on a newspaper for a few minutes to allow the paint and shaving cream to set in and dry

Voila , your Marbled Looking eggs are ready for display! 😎

Egg Shell Painting 

How to Dabble ? 

🥚First , We need to empty the Egg  - Wash the eggs and then to create a hole in the eggshell, use a needle to gently pierce on the top of the egg.

It's important to handle the egg delicately and with patience, as applying too much pressure or force with the needle can cause the eggshell to crack or break. (Be very gentle , like you’re handling a bird 🐦)

🥚Use our Dabble Brushes and Dabble Paint and let your lil ones create their own designs , patterns and ART! 

🥚You can stick your finger into the shell to help holding the egg , but just make sure it doesn't break 🙈

*Storage - You can keep the egg as a Decor till it breaks and you can late also pounded the egg shells to make fertiliser.

Cotton Pad Eggs 

How to Dabble ? 

🥚Cut out a Wooden egg-shaped cardboard 

🥚Take a few Cotton pads , 

🥚Mix water with a few Drops of Dabble Paints 

🥚Use a dropper and squeeze our the coloured water on the pad - this activity builds your lil ones finger muscles and is also FUN!

🥚Later, Stick the cotton pads on the cardboard cutout and you’re DONE! 🙈

Happy Easter All , Get Set Dabble !! 🐰😍