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  1. Choose random activities to do with you bub!
  2. Every Monday (Weekly points)--  Cross out the activity that you have done (You can just cross it out while re-sending the picture digitally on WhatsApp)
  3. Share the updated crossed Bingo tickets image to “Ruksar, our Play Expert on 86600 42155”
  4. Share pictures of what you’ve done on the respective age wise group that you’re part of!


  • Every activity earns a point and At the end of the month, we will tabulate the points. 
  • TOP 3 Winners who FINISHES ALL the Activities first - Will WIN FREE DABBLE GOODIES / VOUCHER CODE worth Rs.500!! 🎁
  • *If more than 3 winners, A randomiser selection will be done

🌈Bubble wrap art: Pop, dip and stamp for a colourful masterpiece!

- Gather some Bubble wrap , Dip them in Dabble Paints , Press down on our Art Roll to create colourful masterpieces!

🌈Shaving foam madness: Mix, swirl and drag Dabble colours through foamy fun!

- Squirt out some Shaving foam on a tray , Pour a few drops of Dabble paint in and swirl to create marbles textures. Then gently press down a cardboard piece/ thick chart paper and let them dry! 

🌈Sponge stamping: Dab, press and repeat for a textured wonderland!

- Get a kitchen sponge , Dip Dippy dip the sponge in Dabble paints on paper. You can cut out the Artwork in different shapes too and use as decor!

🌈Crushed paper textured art: Crumple, flatten and glue for a unique 3D effect or dip paper in paint to create beautiful textures!

- You can do endless art with this art tool - Create gardens , trees ,skies etc. Crush some newspapers , Dip them in Dabble Paints and create your masterpiece!

🌈Steel wool textured art: Dip steel wool in paint for a masterpiece!

- You can easily find this item in the kitchen folks! Dip Dippy dip the steel wool in Dabble paints on paper and you will be amazed at the texture created!! You can use this steel wool effect on some Stencil art as well!

🌈Lentil sorting, counting & sticking: Sort, count and glue lentils for a tactile experience!

- Why not Learn with Dabble Play? Gather lentils from your kitchen shelf , use them as a way to teach your lil ones counting. You can also colour the lentils and teach colour sorting activities or even stick them to create shapes and characters with our Dabble Glue!

🌈Balloon twisting extravaganza: Dip balloons in paint and dab dab  for a balloon-tastic art creation!

- This does not need any introduction!! Try this Balloon dip activity and your eyes and soul will be blessed with this beauty! 

🌈Crayon your Monster: Draw, colour and cut out your own monster masterpiece with our Dabble Crayons!

🌈Stencil Art:  Trace and Cut out unique shapes to then fill in with colour later

🌈Storybook character dress-up party: Cut, glue and create costumes for your favorite characters with our Dabble Kits or draw your fav character!

🌈Squeegee painting: Drag, mix and blend colours for a cool and unique effect with a clean Squeegee wiper !

🌈Drawing while lounging like a cute sloth: Snuggle up, relax and draw your imagination while laying down/on your back!

🌈Rock painting masterpiece: Paint, decorate and display your own rock art creation!

🌈Fun Hand and Feet painting: Dip, press and leave your colourful hand and footprints everywhere!

🌈Leaf and Nature painting: Gather, press and paint with natural elements for a unique art creation!


Happy Dabbling !! Join the Fun Now!! 🥳