As a speech therapist, I truly value the sensory experiences we can give a child in their early years since they learn so much more from it. My son Kiaan loves sensory activities and he still mouths out of curiosity as many children his age would. I am really thankful to Dabble for their non toxic and taste safe art supplies. If not for these products we would have had to wait till he has grown older and stopped mouthing before exploring art. We started with the vehicle crayons when he was younger and then the finger paints. We love using different mediums to explore them. 

We have done quite a few activities with Dabble. Stamping or pattern creation has been our recent adventure with the finger paints. We did some stamping with our shape sorter blocks, bhindi and made some patterns with foam brushes. Then when my toddler was starting to lose interest, I brought out his favourite- a car. Not only did we use the car as a medium to paint on the paper, but we also painted the car. My mom loved the painted car so much that she has taken it with her to preserve it!

At the end of the activity, there was paint all over him and the floor, and it was such a relief knowing that it was easy to clean up. Thank you Dabble for creating such fabulous art products for our kids.

Contributed by Shruti (Dabble mom) and Kiaan (Dabble Champ)

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