We Tried Dabble’s Finger paints for the first time and just loved how bright the colors are. My toddler absolutely enjoys painting with it . We also have their Chubby brushes are soo comfortable for the toddler’s fingers to grasp and paint with… he loves using it and paint’s everywhere around the house with it and has a blast! ❣️

We have done multiple activities with Dabble like - 

  • Finger painting with the finger paints
  • Chubby brushes for different painting sessions
  • Dabble Pages for being creative with finger paints, to make a beetles and other imaginative characters
  • We did some photo frames painting
  • Painted hands and feet for prints and memory sake
  • Made some patterns on the fridge
  • And the best - some fun messy painting 😇

Contributed by Jalaja (Dabble mom) and Advik (Dabble Champ)

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