Started my journey with Dabble the moment my friend introduced me to them,The Dabble Chunky crayons were a HITTTT at 13 months !!!  The Dabble Finger paints set was introduced little later around 18 months of age or earlier (very bad with my memory now haha) 😂

Since then we have only loved them more!! The day Dabble launched the  pack of 8 Finger paints I got them without a thought on day 1 and it’s still going strong without a need to refill! 😍

Anyone seeing my girl Dabble knows the instant review about it. The broadest smile is seen when she dabbles other than the days she misses me once I am back from work 🙂. 

We’ve used Chunky crayons for scribbling time (introduced her with it ). Used them to do normal colouring too. I am not very artistic person so do very limited crafty things but dabbling with the paints or doing her own art work is what she loves to do with the paint.  

I shouldn’t miss sharing about the love she has to mix colours to discover a new colour. What immense joy !😍🎉

Contributed by Anisha (Dabble mom) and Nyra (Dabble Champ)

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