I have always believed in free and independent play and encourage my daughter to learn /notice each and everything we do that’s what these baby wanted to do always. So I introduce her first with Dabble Chunkies crayons and then with Dabble finger paints and brushes. She is totally in love with them now!!  I have a reel on the same on my Instagram handle @panviandpriyanshi, where I have shared show we introduce art and paintings to her. 

Dabble has made our art journey so easy !! As their paints are totally child safe, toxin free,wash off easily from the clothes/hands and  best part provides me that 5-10 mins of mee time. So we totally love them.!! We love the soft texture of finger paints, cute shape crayons. We almost have all products of dabble with us now- Art roll, brushes, crayons, finger paints and going to buy glue and diy kits soon as she grows.

Currently, Panvi is in exploring and brushing away finger paints and making hand prints. So we keep on doing such activities. Thank you dabble for creating such thoughtful and safe products.❤️❤️

Contributed by Priyanshi (Dabble Mom)

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