Fascinated by the looks of the Dabble crayons and waiting for my baby to turn one year; I decided to buy dabble vibrant, artistically crafted crayons for her. I was excited to get them on hand and was took awe with the colourful, sturdy package on the delivery. Though I was doubtful about its usage by my 13 months older baby, she grabbed the crayon in wonder and started exploring..😍🥳 I also purchased Dabble First Finger Paints and my baby loves holding the bottles in her hand and play. 

I also loved the cute " My thumb tree " where in I made a cherishing memory of my little one's thumb prints using Dabble finger paints. Thank you so much Dabble for participating in my baby girl's first experience of colour and providing me a fun, fulfilled purchase. I have many photos of Joy and memories created with Dabble! 🌈

Contributed by Sindhiya (Dabble Mom) Dhiyashree ( Dabble Champ)