I'm quite a hands-on mum when it comes to sensory play, in that I make my own play dough and colored rice/pasta/salt for my son. It's because I want to avoid toxic ingredients that are a major part of store-bought items. With Dabble, I'm more at ease, knowing that their core values are the same as mine.😇 Because staying in UAE, I ensure we always get our dabble pack through someone who comes here. I'll always pre-order on amazon and ensure that they have it packed for us! 🎨

I can now HAPPILY give the paints to my son & sit back and relax while he does his thing. He has learned many SKILLS sets using the Dabble paints. And I'm sure we have a long way to go too. We used the Dabble finger paints to trace out numbers and alphabet formations. He used to struggle with pencils/crayons. But this seemed so much easier & he liked the mixing of colors too! ❤️❤️

Contributed by Gayathri Iyer (Dabble Mom)

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