When I started looking for crayons for my baby, he was still mouthing things. So my foremost concern was that they had to be non-toxic and safe for him. That's when I found Dabble! Dabble crayons were the and are safest colours I could find. To add to it the cute shapes they came in!! So easy and fun to use for toddlers❤️ My baby learned "scribble scribble" using these crayons😄They are a really thoughtful product I would say! The range of products is really amazing too! As my son grows, Dabble would definitely be a part of his creative journey❤️

I got the Dabble crayons (set of 3). Just needed a blank A4 sheet and we were good to go! I gave him the colours one by one. He touched, felt, and played with the figures until he realized he could draw with them😂 All in all, it was 30 mins of pure fun, exploration, and enjoyment! 🌈

-Contributed by Carolina Sharma ( Dabbler mom)

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