I was using some other paints for my little girl, but they are not removable from hands easily or they were not safe. Dabble finger paints are superb. 

They are not only great for Messy Play , But also completely child- friendly.  I also have the Dabble Chubby brushes that have the perfect grip  and I can’t wait to try them and explore more!

My daughter made a precious Valentine’s Day greeting card for her daddy and it was truly memorable. 

Happy Dabbling 🌈

Contributed by Hemalata (Dabble mom) and Yuvika (Dabble Champ)

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  • A perfect Fun finger painting art pack of toxin free finger paints and Chubby Brushes for safe and fun art time for kids and toddlers.
    • A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrance from coconut oil – which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for kids.

    Easy-grip for little hands -Hurray!  The short and stout wooden brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours.