Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom and prosperity. However, in recent years, there has been growing concern about the environmental impact of traditional clay idols that are often immersed in water bodies after the festivities. To make this celebration more eco-friendly and enjoyable for kids, we have a fantastic DIY(Do-it-yourself) project for you: creating an eco-friendly Ganesh idol using paper mache! We'll use Dabble Art roll, Paint, Paint Brushes and Glue to craft your very own biodegradable Ganesh murti. Plus, when it's time for visarjan (immersion), your idol will dissolve in water, providing nourishment for plants. Let's get started on this fun and educational project!

Materials Needed:

  1. Dabble art roll or scrap paper
  2. Dabble Paint 
  3. Dabble Brushes 
  4. Dabble glue
  5. Scissors
  6. A bucket for visarjan
  7. Water
  8. Optional- Decorative items like beads, sequins, or natural materials

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before you begin, make sure you have all your materials ready. Lay them out on a clean, spacious workspace.

Step 2: Shape Your Ganesh Idol

  1. Start by drawing and cutting a basic shape for your Ganesh idol using Dabble art roll. You can also shape the body, head, and trunk separately and attach them with Dabble glue.
  2. Feel free to get creative and add details like ears, arms, and a decorative crown to make your idol more appealing.

Step 3: Apply Paper Mache

  1. Tear the Dabble art roll into small strips.
  2. Mix Dabble glue with a little water to create a glue-water mixture. This will be your paper mache adhesive.

  3. Dip the paper strips into the glue mixture and apply them to your idol's outline on the Art roll. Ensure every part is covered, and smooth out any wrinkles.

  4. Allow your idol to dry completely. This may take a day or two, depending on the thickness of your paper mache layers.

Step 4: Paint Your Ganesha Idol

  1. Once your paper mache Ganesha idol is dry, it's time to paint it with Dabble paint. Use vibrant colors to make your idol visually appealing.
  2. Don't forget to paint Lord Ganesha's eyes, nose, and mouth to give him his characteristic appearance with Dabble’s finger paints. And yes, these paints are baby safe! You can use Dabble’s paint brushes for kids that are easy to hold and chubby. 
  3. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Picture credits - Saloni (Dabble mom)

    Step 5: Add Decorations (Optional)

    If you want to make your Ganesh idol even more beautiful, you can decorate it with beads, sequins, or natural materials like leaves and flowers. Use Dabble glue to secure these decorations.

    Step 6: Perform the Visarjan

    1.  When Ganesh Chaturthi comes to an end and it's time for visarjan, follow these eco-friendly steps:
    2.  Place your eco-friendly Ganesh murti in a bucket filled with water.
    3.  Wait for a few hours or overnight, and you'll notice that the paper mache starts dissolving in the water.
    4. Stir the water gently to help the idol break down further.
    5. Once the idol has dissolved completely, use this nutrient-rich water to water your plants. It's a beautiful way to give back to nature!


      Congratulations, young environmentalists! You've not only created a beautiful Ganesh idol but also contributed to a cleaner and greener environment. By using biodegradable materials like paper mache and eco-friendly and non-toxic Dabble products, you've celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Also feel free to make more colourful Ganesha’s and gift your loved ones. 🎁Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! ✨

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