‘Celebrate International Dot Day with Dabble Products!’


International Dot Day is a worldwide celebration of creativity, inspired by Peter H. Reynolds' book, "The Dot." It encourages people of all ages to embrace their creativity and make their mark on the world, quite literally, through dots. This year, why not take your Dot Day celebration to the next level with the help of Dabble Products? Hop on as we explore 7 exciting and easy Dot Day activities you can enjoy using Dabble art supplies.

  1. Dot Art on Dabble Pages:

Dabble Pages is the perfect large canvas for your Dot Day creations. Grab your Dabble paints or Crayons and let your imagination run wild. Create colourful dot patterns on the Dabble Pages The possibilities are endless, you can start off by colouring or painting a background and then making dots on the sheet. Dabble's high-quality art supplies ensure vibrant and long-lasting results so you lovelies can frame your artwork forever!! 🍩 👍

Credits - Niyati (Dabble mom) & Sreevidya (Dabble mom)

  1. Eggshell Dots:

Empty the Egg, Clean, and Create Dot Thumb Impressions

Take an empty eggshell, clean it gently without breaking the shell, and dry it thoroughly. Then, use Dabble’s baby safe paints to make dot thumb impressions on the eggshell. This activity adds a unique and delicate touch to your Dot Day celebration. After creating your thumbprint dots, leave the eggshell to dry, and you'll have a beautiful and decorative piece of art. 🥚 🎨

Credits - Ranjita (Dabble mom) Instagram  

  1. Earbuds Textured Art:

Discover a unique way to create texture in your Dot Day artwork. Dip the earbuds into Dabble’s Finger paints for kids and use them to make tiny, colorful dots on your canvas. Experiment with different colors and arrangements to craft beautiful, textured pieces that are sure to impress.You can also tie a few q-tips together and imprint multiple dots at a time. 👂🎨

Credits - Niyati (Dabble mom) Instagram 

  1. Learning Alphabets with Dots:

Dot Day isn't just about art; it's also an opportunity to learn and grow. Use Dabble Paints’s toxin free paints and your thumbprint to create dots in the shape of letters. This activity is perfect for young learners who are just starting to recognize and write the alphabet. Plus, it's a fun and interactive way to combine art with education. Make thumb impressions on the line of the alphabets as you go. 🔤 🧑‍🏫

Credits - Rebecca (Dabbler) 

  1. Round and Round with Dabble Crayons:

Dabble crayons are a versatile tool for Dot Day. Play some music and freely move your hand to the tune in circles with different colours from the set. You can start with a dot and make it larger circles as you go. The wax-based and chunky crayons for kids glide smoothly on paper, making it easy to achieve the desired and therapeutic effect. 🖍️ ✨

Credits - Lakshmi (Dabble mom) - Instagram

  1. Round Sponge Dots on Printable Pages:

Cut small sponges into circles and dip them in Dabble paint. Use these sponge circles to create round dots on printable Dabble pages that have large artworks. You can experiment with different sponge sizes and colors to design your own unique Dot Day-themed coloring pages or greeting cards. 🧽 🎉

Niyati (Dabble mom) Instagram 

  1. Thumbprint Dots to Create Funny Characters:

Get your thumbs in on the Dot Day fun! Use Dabble paints to coat your thumb. Then, press your thumb onto our art roll or paper to create thumbprint dots. Turn these thumbprints into funny characters by adding eyes, mouths, and other features using markers. It's a delightful way to make whimsical dot-inspired characters. 👍 😛

Niyati (Dabble mom) Instagram


International Dot Day is a fantastic occasion to let your creativity shine, and with Dabble Products, the possibilities are limitless. From dot art on Dabble Pages to eggshell dot creations, textured earbud art, learning the alphabet with dots, and exploring circles with Dabble crayons, you have a variety of exciting activities to choose from. 🎉

⏺️Whether you're celebrating Dot Day with friends or family, Dabble Products will enhance your experience and help you create stunning dot-inspired artwork. So, go ahead and make your mark on International Dot Day with Dabble – it's sure to be a day filled with fun, creativity, and endless dots! ⏺️

Let your imagination dance across the page and Let your colours make some noise! 🎉 😎

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