Creativity isn’t just a skill, it’s a superpower! Explore how this superpower can be put to use in each Christmas DIY activities for kids. 🦸

This Christmas, ONE of the gifts from Dabble is to give creativity to all the little Dabblers and help them develop multiple skills in their early years. This is an opportunity to have loads of fun while doing these Fun Christmas art activities for kids and celebrate creativity this Christmas Holiday season🎄

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Santa Handprint Art

Get ready for an easy holiday art activity that combines creativity and festive fun! In this activity, you'll transform your handprint into a jolly Santa Claus on Dabble’s Art canvas. It's a simple holiday DIY for children to capture the spirit of the season and create a memorable piece of art. Get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your personalised handprint Santa, that can be used as your Christmas home decor using Dabble Finger Paints, and Dabble Art Canvas

Credits - Deepika (Dabble Mom) & Kridha (Dabble Champ)

Materials Needed: 

- Dabble Finger paints

- Dabble Art Canvas

- Dabble Brushes

How to Dabble?  

  1.   Prepare Your Workspace

Gather your fun Toxin free art supplies from Dabble.

  1.   Get ready to Hand Paint 

   - Paint the bottom half of your palm and the thumb with the red Dabble paint.

   - Apply white paint to the rest of your hand. Don't be shy—get those fingertips fully festive!

  1.   Stamp away

   - Press your painted palm onto the Dabble Art canvas.    

   - Carefully lift your hand from the Art Canvas and marvel at the festive imprint 

   - Add facial features Using a Dabble’s paintbrush  or your fingertips, add twinkling eyes, a cherry-red nose, and a jolly mouth to complete Santa's face. 

  1.   Flip and Reveal

   - This is where the magic happens! Flip your handprint like a Santa magic trick, and voila—the jolly outline of Santa appears.

  1.   Let It Dry

   - Allow your Santa canvas to dry completely before displaying your masterpiece. 

  1.   Share the Joy

   - Share the joy of your handprint Santa creation with loved ones. Making it the perfect family friendly holiday crafts this festive season.

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Festive Family Tree Photo Frame

Create a memorable Christmas keepsake with your little ones by crafting a Festive Family Tree Photo Frame! This easy DIY Christmas activity for kids combines the joy of holiday crafting with the opportunity to display a cherished family photo. It's a perfect blend of creativity and sentiment, making it a wonderful addition to your easy holiday home decorations. Providing a meaningful way to showcase a special festive family bonding experience during the process of winter craft for kids. 

Credits - Shivangi Goel (Dabble Mom) & Inaaya (Dabble Champ)

Materials Needed:

- 3 popsicle sticks

- Dabble Finger Paints

- Dabble Brushes

- Star-shaped stickers/ Cutouts/Stamps from our Dabble Stamp Kit

- Dabble Chunky Glue

- Dabble Art Roll

- Scissors

- Family photo (4x6 or smaller)

- Marker or pen

- Optional: Glitter, additional stickers, or embellishments

How to Dabble?

  1.   Paint the Popsicle Sticks:  

   - Lay out the popsicle sticks and paint them green with non toxic Dabble Finger paint covering both sides.

  1.   Create the Tree Frame:  

   - Arrange the three popsicle sticks in a triangular shape to begin the Christmas DIY activity.

   - Use Dabble Chunky glue to get the corners of the sticks together, creating the Christmas tree frame.

  1.   Decorate the Tree Frame:  

   - Enhance the festive vibe by adding star-shaped stickers or cutouts on the tree frame or simply stamp a star shape using our Dabble Stamps

   - Use paints, glitter, and additional stickers to decorate the frame as desired. Let your child's creativity shine!

  1.   Attach the Dabble Art Roll

   - Cut a piece of Dabble Art roll to fit the back of the festive tree frame.

   - Use Chunky Glue to attach the backing and create the family friendly DIY activity to add to your festive home decor.

  1.   Prepare the Stem:  

   - Attach a popsicle stick vertically at the bottom of the tree frame to create a stem.

   - This will serve as both a decorative element to complete the Christmas tree and a convenient handle for holding the frame.

  1.   Add the Family Photo:  

   - Place your chosen family photo in the photo frame.

   - Use Dabble Chunky glue to secure the photo in place. 

Festive Wreath Magic

Dive into the holiday DIY activities for kids with our "Festive Wreath Magic'' activity! One of a simple holiday crafts for kids to boost creativity as you transform our Dabble Art Roll into a delightful Christmas wreath masterpiece. This kid-friendly Christmas DIY activity would help in adding colour to your Christmas celebration. Encourage the little ones to express their holiday spirit through this imaginative and joyful Festive Wreath Magic activity!

Materials Needed:

- Dabble art roll

- Dabble Finger paints

- Dabble Brushes

How to Dabble?

  1. Fold and Draw:

   - Take your Dabble art roll and fold it into two halves.

   - On one side, draw half a circle, resembling the shape of a wreath.

  1. Paint the Wreath Base:

   - Using Dabble non toxic finger paints, splash paint in half of the drawn circle. 

  1. Fold and Unveil:

   - Fold the page along the centerline and press gently. Open it up to reveal a complete circle, magically forming a Christmas wreath!

  1. Add in decorations:

   - Use Dabble non toxic paints with a colour of your choice to squeeze out dollops of paint to create Christmas Ornaments on your wreath only on one half of the wreath. Fold it again, press, and open it to discover a beautifully decorated wreath for your Homemade Christmas decoration!

  1. Add Personal Touches:

   - With boundless imagination, decorate your Christmas wreath, for a perfect christmas DIY ornament and show your little one’s masterpiece by adding it on your Christmas Tree this year!

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Whimsical Snowman Delight

Join Dabble on a creative journey with our Christmas snowman activity! In this easy DIY Christmas activity for kids see how the magic of Dabble Paints transforms crumbled paper into a festive background for an adorable snowman. Get ready to add a touch of holiday cheer by crafting and decorating your holiday themed activity for kids! Enjoy the process of bringing your winter craft for kids to life!

Materials Needed:

- Dabble Art Roll

- Dabble Fingerpaints

- Dabble Brushes

- Scissors

- Chunky Glue

- Dabble Crayons

How to Dabble?

  1. Crumble and Paint Background:

   - Cut and crumble Dabble art roll into a ball and then unfold it to create a textured background.

   - Apply vibrant colours with Dabble finger paints and Dabble brushes, creating a lively and colourful backdrop for your snowman scene.

  1. Create and Assemble Snowman:

   - Cut two circles from the Dabble Art roll – a smaller one for the snowman's head and a larger one for the body & use Dabble’s non toxic Chunky glue to stick the snowman in place.

  1. Design Your Snowman:

   - Use Dabble crayons to give your snowman a personality! Add eyes,hands, a carrot nose, a smiling mouth, and any accessories you like to create this festive art for kids come to life.

   - Explore creativity by designing the snowman's scarf, hat, and buttons. Don't forget to think out of the box!

  1. Add Christmas Elements:

   - Enhance the festive feel by adding Christmas elements to the background. Paint or draw ornaments, snowflakes, or other holiday decorations.

   - Sprinkle some holiday magic on your snowman as well—perhaps a Santa hat or a string of colourful lights using Dabble paints!

  1. Let It Dry and Display:

   - Allow your masterpiece to dry completely before displaying it proudly as a whimsical snowman delight, enjoying these simple holiday crafts for kids!

Yarn-Weaved Christmas Tree Plate

Transform a simple plate into a charming holiday masterpiece by weaving a yarn through it to create a holiday themed Christmas tree activity for kids. This hands-on activity not only engages creativity but also introduces the joy of weaving and crafting during the festive season making it a fun Christmas activity for kids. Enjoy the process of turning a simple plate into a festive work of art!

Credits - Dr. Parijat (Dabble Mom) & Avyan Singhal (Dabble Champ)

Materials Needed:

- Paper plate

- A yarn

- Hole punch

- Dabble Finger paints

- Dabble Brushes

- Dabble Chunky Glue

- Additional decorating items (sequins, buttons, etc.)

How to Dabble:

  1. Cut and Shape:

   - Take a paper plate and cut out a triangle shape from the centre, leaving space on the plate to act as the Christmas tree's border.

  1. Punch Holes for Weaving:

   - Use a hole punch to create evenly spaced holes around the border of the triangle. These holes will be used for weaving the yarn.

  1. Weave the Yarn:

   - Cut a length of the yarn and simply use your fingers to begin weaving the yarn in and out of the punched holes, creating the outline of a Christmas tree.

  1.   Secure and Trim:  

   - Once you've woven the yarn around the tree shape, secure the ends with a knot or water based Dabble’s chunky glue

  1. Paint the Yarn:

   - Use Dabble’s non-toxic and child safe Finger paints to paint the woven yarn, ensuring even coverage. This step adds a vibrant and festive touch to your Christmas tree.


  1. Decorate the Tree:

   - Let your creativity shine! Decorate the yarn Christmas tree with colourful Dabble finger paints, sequins, buttons, Dabble Non Toxic Crayons or any other Christmas ornaments for this fun Christmas activities for kids.

  1. Background Painting:

   - Paint the rest of the plate as a background for your Christmas tree.

  1. Add Final Touches:

   - Enhance the overall design by adding more decorative elements to the plate background. Let your colours make some noise! Go Wild!



Hey Dabblers!! So,What are you waiting for ??!! GET SET DABBLING today!!

SHOP our toxin-free art supply range today to inspire creativity in your little ones today. We can’t wait to see all your masterpieces today 💚

Also just a reminder, here are a few skills your lil ones will learn by doing these engaging Christmas art activities -

  1. Open ended & process art: Not having boundaries is supporting the child to think out of the box while having fun learning and playing with the colours. “Never say no” for a child playing or using colours to enjoy the process and learn things in his own way at their own pace.
  2. Storytelling and imaginative play: Creating masterpieces also creates stories behind it, improving the imagination of the child to come up with stories and characters playing along
  3. Enhancing Cognitive and Fine Motor Skills: To understand the process and enjoy the same while improving their hand to eye coordination, helping them to learn how to move their hands and fingers to finish an activity will help them develop their fine motor skills.
  4. Finger Isolation:  Squish painting requires controlled finger movements, promoting finger isolation as children manipulate paint within confined spaces.
  5. Spatial Awareness:  Assembling the snowman on the painted background involves spatial considerations, enhancing awareness of how elements fit together within a limited space.
  6. Bilateral Coordination:  Weaving yarn through punched holes necessitates coordinated use of both hands, enhancing bilateral coordination.
  7. Kinesthetic Development and Tactile Sensation:  Applying paint and creating handprints promote kinesthetic development, as children engage in hands-on activities that involve movement and touch. It also enhances sensory stimulation using our Dabble Finger paints that include tactile sensation as they have a smooth texture that allows kids to enjoy the process.
  8. Colour Recognition and Shape Recognition:  Selecting paint colours and creating specific shapes, like Santa's face, aids in colour and shape recognition.

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