Engaging children in creative art activities not only stimulates their imaginations but also enhances their fine motor skills and cognitive development. Finger painting is a fantastic way to introduce kids to the world of art, allowing them to express themselves through colourful and tactile experiences. In this article, we'll explore three engaging finger painting activities for kids: Warli painting, Vegetable painting, and Flower painting. These colour painting activities for kids are not only fun but also educational, making them ideal for young artists to creatively explore while learning about different art forms and techniques.

  1. Warli Painting - Discovering Indian Art:  

Warli painting is a fascinating art form that comes all the way from India. It's not like the paintings you see in museums or on TV – it's much simpler and uses beautiful geometric patterns. Imagine painting your own pictures using your fingers as brushes! 

What is Warli Art?

Warli art is special because it's so unique and different from other kinds of art. It doesn't use lots of colors or fancy tools. Instead, it's all about using simple shapes and patterns to create amazing pictures. These paintings often tell stories about the people and nature in India. Known for its simplicity and striking geometric patterns

Where Did Warli Art Come From?

Warli art has been around for a very, very long time. It comes from a group of people called the Warli tribe who live in a place called Maharashtra in India. They started making these special paintings a very long time ago!

In this activity, kids will delve into the enchanting world of Warli art, creating their own unique designs using their fingers as brushes. The use of non-toxic Dabble paints allows them to craft patterns and figures on their canvas. Children can explore cultural diversity while having fun and painting!

Materials Needed from Dabble: 

- Dabble Non-Toxic Paints

- Dabble Paint Brushes 

- Dabble Art Roll / paper


  1. Unroll the Dabble Art Roll and lay it out on a flat surface
  2. Show the children examples of Warli paintings from books or the internet to introduce them to this beautiful art form.
  3. Let them choose a design or create their own Warli-inspired patterns. Simple designs like trees and stick human figures are perfect for beginners.
  4. Let your little one take a Dabble paint brush and paint the background in the colour of their choice
  5. Dip their fingers or Dabble Paint Brushes in Dabble’s non-toxic paints for kids and encourage them to create the Warli patterns by making dots, lines, and simple shapes on the white paper or canvas. (You can sit in front of them and show and they will imitate you)
  6. Once the paint is dry, they can add more details or colour using Dabble Paint Brushes if desired.
  7. Allow the artwork to dry on the Dabble Art Roll, and then tear the artwork off the roll and display that beauty.

Credits - Saloni (Dabble Mom) 

  1. Vegetable Painting - Nature's Brushstrokes:  

Vegetable painting is a delightful blend of art and nature. Kids get to experiment with different vegetables as painting tools, producing a vibrant array of textures and patterns. By dipping vegetables like potato halves, celery stalks, and bell peppers into various paint  colours, children can unleash their creativity and bring their imaginative visions to life on paper. This hands-on activity encourages kids to explore the world of art through the lens of the natural world.

 Materials Needed from Dabble: 

- Dabble Non-Toxic Paints

- Dabble Paint Brushes 

- Dabble Art Roll 

- Various vegetables (e.g., potato halves, celery stalks, bell peppers)

- Paper plates for pouring paint


  1. Roll out the Dabble Art Roll on the floor
  2. Cut the vegetables into various shapes to create different printing patterns. For instance, potato halves can make circular prints (You can use a small cookie cutter or knife to make the design on the potato), celery stalks can create flower-like shapes, and bell peppers can form interesting patterns.
  3. Pour different Dabble Non-Toxic Paint colours onto a paper plate.
  4. Dip the cut vegetables into the paint, ensuring they are well-coated.
  5. Let the kids use the painted vegetables as stamps on the white paper or canvas to create their vegetable-inspired artwork.You can also draw a large outline and let your lil ones stamp away!
  6. Allow the paintings to dry on the Dabble Art Roll, and voila, try this perfect Process art activity and display.

Credits- Sandhya (Dabble Mom)

Watch this fun video on lady's finger printing by our Dabbler Dharv HERE 

  1. Flower Painting - Blossoming Creativity:  

Flower painting is a timeless and captivating art activity for kids. It provides them with the opportunity to explore colour and form while creating their own floral masterpieces. Children can paint with flowers, leaves, and stems using Dabble’s non-toxic paints. For an added dimension, flower petals can be incorporated as well in the end, making the paintings burst with 3D charm. This activity not only fosters artistic expression but also connects kids with the beauty of the botanical world. 

 Materials Needed from Dabble: 

- Dabble Non-Toxic Paints 

- Dabble Art Roll

- Real or artificial flower petals

- Dabble Glue 


  1. Lay out the Dabble Art Roll on the floor or table
  2. Offer a variety of Dabble baby-safe paint colours for the children to choose from.
  3. Let them choose their favourite colours and encourage them to paint with flowers, leaves, and stems on the art roll 

   4. Use the flower petals that were used as a tool for painting and stick onto the art roll or paper. Apply Dabble’s child-safe glue to the back of each petal and have the kids stick them onto their artwork to create 3D flower designs

  5. Allow the paintings to dry on the Dabble Art Roll and trust us this painting is going to beautiful!! 

*Once the flowers dry up - you can compost them but keep the colourful artwork!

Credits - Ankita (Dabble mom) 


Dabble into a world of imagination and creativity with Dabble's art supplies, specially designed to spark your child's artistic journey. In "Warli Painting - Discovering Indian Art," kids can take a colorful trip to India, using their fingers as magic wands to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces inspired by the captivating world of Warli art. "Vegetable Painting - Nature's Brushstrokes" transforms your kitchen into an art studio as little artists experiment with veggies to make wild and wacky patterns, blending art with the wonders of nature. And in "Flower Painting - Blossoming Creativity," budding artists can connect with the botanical realm, painting with real flowers, leaves, and stems, all while keeping it safe,development-friendly and fun with Dabble's non-toxic art supplies for kids. These activities aren't just about art; they're about having a blast while learning and letting your creativity run wild! While they immerse themselves in these creative endeavors, they also develop essential skills and gain exposure to diverse art forms. 

Try these painting ideas for kids today! 

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