My toddler, Manit, is 3.3 now. He loves dabbling on plain white paper with finger paints the most!

Painting his palms and those little feet with the finger paints and then getting them stamped on white paper is his most favourite activity and so is mine! He loves using Dabble colours and does all those little creative works independently. I don't have anything to worry about this favourite daily activity of his, as I know that he is with the safest colouring product that he could be using.

I have already recommended Dabble to my toddler's school and strongly recommend my fellow parents to give it a try and spread the awareness of this beautiful product through word of mouth, through gifting, and through whatever channel one is comfortable with.

As a final note, I would love to share two of the masterpieces that my toddler has created with his most favourite Dabble finger paints with everyone here.

I am one proud Dabble parent out of the many you would meet.

Now that you know the best gifting option for toddlers, you could probably stop looking for return gift ideas and start shopping!

- Dabble experience contributed by Ankeetaa Shrivaas (Dabbler mom)