My 26-month-old baby - Neelambari Cornelia Xavier, made her first-ever birthday card for Mumma from Dabble products and I am really happy to share my experience with Dabble here.

So, we have a terrace garden and my daughter has watched us attending to our flowers, and ever since she realised that white glue can stick things together, she says 'Mumma stick' on repeat, every time she finds a fallen leaf or a petal on the ground. So we collect and paste them into her drawing book. We scribble all around them and create our version of the plant together.

And on my birthday, she surprised me with this precious bouquet and my favourite bougainvillaea flowers. Of course, her Appa helped her with execution, but the idea was all her own.

I would also like to share what I am learning from my little girl every single day. She teaches me to slow down and to look for beauty, art, colours, and inspiration to create all around us. And the fact that we are gifted with the best when we need them the most.

Chunky glue from Dabble can give wings to your child’s creativity. Help them fly by ordering in now!

- Dabble experience contributed by Sreetama Bagchi (Dabbler mom)