If you're reading this, chances are you're a parent looking to spark some creativity in your little one. Welcome! Perhaps you've been inspired by others in your community who have introduced their children to the wonderful world of art, or maybe you have a background in the field and want to pass on your knowledge and passion to your little one. And let us tell you, that's a wonderful thing! Whatever your reason may be, we’re excited to share with you some tips and product suggestions for nurturing your child's artistic expression. Introducing your child to the world of art can not only foster their imagination and self-expression, but also boost their cognitive and social-emotional development.

We're thrilled to have you here with us and ready to embark on this journey together and help nurture your child's artistic expression ! 

So, let's dive in and explore the colorful world of art together , shall we?

Our products are : 

  • Made from Earth-friendly ingredients 
  • Toxin - Free
  • Chemical - Free
  • 100% Child Safe
  • Development- Friendly 
  • Made by Moms 
  • 100% Fun 

If Art materials children use are safe and development-friendly, parents would not be holding them back. Dabble allows parent to be worry-free so children can hone their creative expression ,Learn with Play and use Art as an expressive toll and an outlet for their crazy energy .

-Let your children make Best Friends with colours!-

-Art is just play in colours! Let the kids Dabble. - 

Baby’s First Art  

100% non-toxic & child-friendly art supplies made with love for babies and toddlers! 💚

  • Dabble Jumbo Paint Brush Set <ADD PRODUCT LINK> 

The Jumbo brush set is perfect for little hands, with an ideal length and easy-to-clean soft bristles. Made from high-quality materials, these brushes are long-lasting and aid in developing fine motor skills. Made from eco- friendly Mango wood ,Perfect your baby’s first art exploration! 

To see HOW to USE Dabble Jumbo Brushes - Click HERE

  • Dabble Finger Paints 
  • Our natural coconut oil-based finger paints offer a multi-sensory experience for toddlers, stimulating fine motor skills. These Non-toxic, 3 primary coloured paints encourage color mixing. They come in Mess-free squeezy bottles. These Paints are long-lasting and easily washable.

  • Dabble Playart Chunkies -  
  • Buzzing with excitement! For toddlers, Dabble Chunkies crayons are the bee's knees! Made with organic beeswax, coconut oil, and natural waxes. With 3 Jumbo sized crayons in child-grip transport shapes .They inspire multi-sensory fun and tripod grip. These long-lasting, non-toxic, magical primary colors don’t break easily too , perfect fro uninterrupted fun!

    To see HOW to USE Dabble CHUNKIES - Click HERE -

      Preschool Art Fun 

    Developmental-friendly art supplies, perfect for the preschool years to have fun and be engaged with art! 💚

  • Dabble PlayArt Crayons - 
  • Get buzzing with Dabble Playart Crayons! Non-toxic and enriched with organic beeswax, natural waxes, and coconut oil, these crayons come in 8 vibrant child-grip shapes, inspiring a multi-dimensional, sensory coloring and storytelling experience. With long-lasting magical colors that won't break easily, they're perfect for preschoolers and kids!

    To see HOW to USE Dabble CRAYONS - Click HERE

    School Art 

    Safe art supplies that help in skill-building and let your child learn through play and fun! 💚

  • DIY Create your families are friends Kit - 
  • Get ready for playful art exploration with the DIY Create your Family & Friends Kit! Non-toxic Dabble Paints and Chunky Glue with fragrance of  green apple This kit Inspires pretend play, develops communication skills, and fine motor building activities. Encourages storytelling with imaginative characters! What Fun!

  • Dabble Colouring Pack - Pages+ Finger Paints + Chubby Brushes
  • Unleash your child's imagination with Dabble Art's Creative Art Prompts Set! Our colour activity sheets are designed to stimulate fine motor skills, imaginative thinking, and kinesthetic development. Paints made with unique formulations of natural textures and fragrances from coconut oil, Dabble Finger Paints offer a multi-sensory experience and Chubby Brushes that provide greater brush control for natural self-expression with colours.

  • Glue - 
  • Dabble Chunky Glue offers a multi-sensory, fun process experience with a gentle green apple fragrance. Its unique error correction formula allows kids to enjoy the discovery process without fear of mistakes. The green glue dries clear, and it's super easy to wash off thanks to the 100% water-based formulation.