When cats prowl,

Winds howl ,

Witches ride ,

And puppies hide!!

When ghosts quiver,

And children shiver,

 When goblins are mean,

Gee its Halloween !! 

           One of the latest festivals that we seem to have added in our already long  list is Halloween 🎃 So what exactly is Halloween?  Halloween is celebrated  on October 31. The name “Halloween” comes from “All Hallows Eve,” or the day before All Saints Day, a traditional holy day for Christians.          

            According to tradition, the spirits of the dead were able to come back to life to harm people in the physical world. People tried to appease the restless spirits on Halloween, and these practices led to many of today’s Halloween traditions. For example, people used to wear costumes of monsters, ghosts, and devils to scare away the harmful spirits.

           People still celebrate by wearing scary costumes. However, today they also dress up like popular celebrities, children’s show characters, princesses, super heroes and much more. After dressing up, kids go trick-or-treating. They go from house to house in their neighborhoods and ask for treats such as candies and snacks by saying, “Trick or treat!”                  And , if no treat is given, they can play a trick on the homeowners. The traditional scary and modern fun sides of Halloween are seen today as the Jack-o’-lanterns that people create by carving scary faces on pumpkins . 

    I think it’s the whole spooky yet fun elements involved in it that have made Halloween extremely popular the world over !! Kids especially love it the most as they get to dress up and create fun decorations!! So let’s see 2 super fun yet extremely simple activities that you can do at home with your kids .

Halloween Finger Paint Activity 1 — Making Jack o lanterns 

Materials required:

1. Plain Paper

2. DABBLE Finger Paints

3. A potato

4. A knife

 5. A plate

How to dabble?

Pour red and yellow paints on a plate and blend them well to create a beautiful orange colour. Cut the potato in half . On the half side cut out 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth . You can make the face angry, happy or  scary !! Then dip the potato in paint and there !! Your jack o lanterns potato stamp is ready .. stamp away and create lots of jack o lanterns !! 

Halloween Finger Paint Activity 2— Spider painting 

Materials required:

1.Plain paper

2.Dabble finger paints

3.A plate

How to dabble?

Pour some paint in a plate . Dip your child’s left hand  in it and print it on paper sideways. Then dip the right hand  and print on paper so the palms overlap and the fingers are in opposite direction ..and eeks what have you made ? A spider !!! .. paint 2 eyes and a smile on your spider 🕷  You can make a web in any  corner and give your itsy bitsy spider a home !! 

   You can create lots of spooky paintings and crafts with your kids . Remember, the whole idea is to  have a lot of fun !! Do try these with your kids too ! Happy Halloween  Happy Dabbling !!🎃