Do you have a child who is very intimidated by Halloween art , costumes , decorations, and just about everything Halloween ? 
Well we get that! 😅 Kiddos find it difficult to distinguish between Pretend and Real life around this time of the year, and this can definitely be overwhelming for them.
In India, Halloween is slowly picking up and your lil’ one might slowly be more exposed to this at school, neighborhoods , parties etc,.
This Halloween , Dabble present to you the ‘not-so-spooky’ Halloween art and craft activities that are simple, easy and fun to do!
Need a little bit of extra #spooktacular inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place! 👻✨

Casper the friendly Ghost

We love the end result of this puffy, kid-friendly, not so spooky little ghost that you can use as home decor this Halloween! 👻 

  1. Cut out the shape of a lil ghost
  2. Let your lil one apply Dabble glue and squish cotton balls and paste them on the shape.
  3. Glue on the eyes and smile shaped cutout on the ghost.

And…BOO!👻 It’s that simple and engaging!

Pumpkin Cutout Art 

Super colourful, Super Fun! 🎃

  • Cut out pumpkin shapes from your Dabble Art roll
  • Create drip patterns or just abstract art with Dabble’s toxin- free paints on your Pumpkin shaped cutouts🎨
  • Cover the whole pumpkin cutout with Dabble’s Chunky Glue and throw in glitter and let it sparkle! ✨
  • Decorate it with sequins and stick ‘em on using Dabble Glue !
  • Stick the shapes on a thread and create a bunting 
  • 🎃Use the shapes as home decor this Halloween! 🎃

 Easy Q-Tip Handprint Skeleton Craft

This is an easy and simple art project that kids can make for Halloween. All you need is-

Dabble’s White Paint (Comes in Dabble finger paints - Pack of 8)
Dabble Chunky Glue  
✅ Q-tips / Cotton Swab 

Paint your kiddos hand and part of their arm with the Dabble’s white paint then create a handprint on a black sheet of paper, preferably.

Have them cut up random size q-tips and glue them down with Dabble Glue to make the bones. Easy peasy ! 🦴

Halloween Paper Craft 

What’s not to love about paper plate crafts – they are easy to make and only sky is the limit.. Haha!

What you need ? 

  • 2 paper plates
  • Scissors 
  • Dabble paints - For extra design  
  • Dabble Glue

 Swirly paper plate Ghost

👻Take the larger paper plate and start cutting it with scissors in a spiral manner towards the middle.

👻Draw spooky expression on the smaller paper plate

👻Glue the spiral plate onto the back of the paper plate 

👻Attach a thread on the ghost’s head and watch it swirl !

Go on make some DIY Halloween Crafts with Dabble and make memories 🎨

Paper Plate painting 

As the name suggests, this activity is just free play!! Throw in some Halloween colours onto the paper plate. Use Dabble’s Chubby brushes to paint or just fingers! 🖐🏻Let them dry. After drying, let your lil munchkin draw in some expressions with black paint or a marker. 🖌️

Use these paper plates as masks later , spider web plate or simply as yet another simple Halloween Art decor!! 👻

Halloween Jar Painting 

It is as simple and fun as it sounds! There are 2 ways to do this -

  • Pour some Dabble’s vibrant paint in the jar, swirl it around and let it dry. 
  • Create different halloween expressions on the outer jar with either Dabble’s non toxic paints or a marker. This way you can reuse the jars and only the expressions can change with the seasons by erasing/wiping off the expressions from the outer jar.
  • Paint the outer part of the Jar with Dabble’s vibrant paint!
  • Draw expressions on the outer jar,instead of pouring the paint from inside - this method might save a little paint plus can be washed off easier. Both these ways will look different and unique in their own ways.

🍭Use these jars to store candies or treats and decorate your home with these colourful art Halloween jars.🍭

Halloween Popsicle stick craft 

Use the Dabble Finger Paints , Dabble Crayons and Chubby Brushes / Jumbo brushes (based on your babies age) and COLOUR on the ice cream sticks!! YAY.. we got colourful and artsy Halloween ice cream sticks! 🍦🎨

  • You can either stick a few ice cream sticks together with Dabble Glue 
  • Paint or colour the sticks 🖍️
  • Draw Halloween themed art on them using a marker or Black Paint
  • Make individual Halloween art using paints and  crayons on each stick
  • Turn them to a multi sensory PlayArt activity that they will absolutely enjoy!

This is an easy, quick, creative art to do together as a family and enjoy your Halloween night! The popsicle sticks are easily available as well! 

Will you give at least 1 of these Halloween Art and Craft ideas a try this year ??✨

Hope these ideas help you and enjoy your craftiest Halloween yet!🥳

A Few Dabble Products we’ve mentioned in this blog - 

1. 🖌️Dabble non- toxic Finger paints - A unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrance from coconut & sweet orange oil – which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for toddlers. 
  • Finger Paints 3 - 3 Primary coloured non- toxic finger paints for the early years that encourage toddlers to mix and create new colours in a tactile way.
  • Finger Paints 8 - 8 vibrant coloured non- toxic finger paints for kids. Long-lasting , easily washable and ready to use colours in mess-free squeezy bottles that don’t dry up easily.

The multi-sensory experience of playing with paints helps them relax as they focus on what’s happening rather than results. So kids stay kids in a safe way!

2. 🍀Dabble Chunky Glue  - Using Dabble Glue is super easy, as it’s easy to grip with your toddlers little hands and it’s error correction formula does not allow it to stick immediately. What that means is your toddler can make changes to the sticking process which is so important at this age. As a toddler parent, you know how much of freedom these little toddler minds need 😊

3. 🖍️Dabble Crayons - Non-Toxic crayons enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax, natural waxes and coconut oil. 8 unique and vibrant child-grip shapes that inspire multi-dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing.

4. 🖍️Dabble Chunkies-  3 unique jumbo crayons with  child-grip transport shapes for toddlers.  Inspires multi-sensory colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing.

5. 🧻 Dabble Art Roll - Our 20 meter rolls have a width of 18 inches for little ones for uninhibited art creations. Younger kids need larger paper for their uncontrolled hand movements. Our Art Rolls are the best way to let them explore art freely.

Let your child draw and colour out their imagination or let them trace and draw their favorite characters.

Free Play is Healthy Play!! Let kids set their imagination on fly-mode. Let them express themselves through play.

Lil hands Have an ARTSY PARTSY HALLOWEEN !!!💃🏻

Happy #Dabbling! 🌈