Dabble has been on my wishlist for several months now. I've been following the Instagram page much before Shark Tank. Also watched the episode. The fact that the paints are toxin-free, made of coconut oil, edible-ish and made in India by a women-led team made me go for it for my toddler who loves the whole idea of painting which she got from some of her books.

I finally decided to give Dabble finger paints and the Chubby brushes a try when my girl was about a month short of turning two. She loved it and how! We opened the pack and gave her the three colours and brushes at our outdoor space. She started with painting on paper; thought the palette was also something that needed to be painted; painted her legs, arms, mouth, the floor, dried leaves; and even had a brush in each hand at a point. She had a ball and we loved watching her indulge in toddler art.

Watch lil Kalki Dabble among Nature HERE

Contributed by Manvi (Dabble mom) and Vyas (Dabble Champ)

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