Since Kridha is just 20 months old, its very risky to give her normal colors as she may eat them – she had tried to eat crayons in the past so I stopped giving her colors, but since Dabble paints are Non-Toxic – I don’t need to stop her from using them, she can use colors carefree. Moreover, since they are Washable, she can make mess wherever she wants to!!

Dabble Paints makes her feel free as I don’t have to limit her to use them anywhere – because I know I can always go ahead and clean them. 

The mixing of different base colors helps in making new colors and inspiring creativity. We used "Dabble Finger Paints | Non-Toxic & Washable Paints for Toddlers" and painted a dress for Kridha which she can wear on Holi. Since its Kridha’s first Holi we wanted to make it special so we decided to paint a dress for her. 

Contributed by Deepa (Dabble mom) and Kridha (Dabble Champ)

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