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How this works?

Whenever you’re having your precious ART TIME with your lil’ one-

  1. Just SPIN THE WHEEL!  CLICK to spin 🛞.
  2. The wheel will stop - and REVEAL the activity you can do for your current art session 
  3. Once you get the activity - Just search for that activity on this blog, where we have broken down the activity for you 
  4. Read the activity , Gather your art supplies and GET. SET. DABBLING 
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  1. Shaped Sponge Dabbing: 

    Materials needed: Dabble finger paints, shaped sponges, Art roll or paper.
  1. Cut out a variety of shaped sponges, such as circles, squares, triangles, or stars.
  2. Pour different colors of Dabble Finger Paints onto a palette or plate.
  3. Dip the shaped sponge into the desired paint color, making sure the entire shape is covered.
  4. Gently press the sponge onto the art roll or paper, creating stamped shapes. Speak the shape out load as you go.
  5. Repeat the process with different colors and shapes, creating a colorful and patterned design.

  1. Simon Says - Look around & Get a Shape:

    Materials needed: Dabble crayons, art roll or paper.
  1. Start by playing a game of "Simon Says" where one person gives instructions for others to follow.
  2. Instruct your lil one’s to look around the room and find different objects with interesting shapes.
  3. Once an object is found, ask the players to trace its shape onto the art roll or paper using Dabble crayons.
  4. Encourage creativity by using different colors and sizes for the traced shapes.
  5. Repeat the process with multiple objects until the art roll or paper is filled with various shapes.
  6. Or to make it simpler for younger ones - Let them simply collect different shapes that you ask them to and gather them together.

  1. Ice Cream Stick Shapes:

Materials needed: Dabble Chunky Glue, ice cream sticks, Dabble crayons or finger paints.

  1. Collect ice cream sticks of various sizes and shapes.
  2. Use Dabble crayons or Dabble Finger Paints to color or decorate the ice cream sticks.
  3. Once the sticks are dry, arrange them to form different shapes like squares, triangles, or rectangles.
  4. Apply Dabble Chunky Glue to the points where the sticks meet to hold the shapes together firmly.
  5. Let the glue dry completely, and the ice cream stick shapes are ready to be displayed or played with.

  1. Shapes with Pipe Cleaner & Dabble Glue:

Materials needed: Dabble Chunky Glue, pipe cleaners, art roll or paper.

  1. Choose pipe cleaners in different colors.
  2. Bend and twist the pipe cleaners to create various shapes like circles, squares, or hearts.
  3. Use Dabble Chunky Glue to secure the ends of the pipe cleaners and hold the shapes in place.
  4. Allow the glue to dry completely before handling the pipe cleaner shapes.
  5. Arrange and glue the shapes onto the art roll or paper to create a colorful and textured design.

*You can Google “pipe cleaners” and easily buy them or find it at a store nearby.

  1. Take a Picture of Everything Circle at Home:

Materials needed: Dabble crayons or Dabble Finger Paints, Art roll or and phone camera.

  1. Use Dabble Crayons or Dabble Finger Paints to draw or paint circles of different sizes on the Art Roll or paper.
  2. Explore your home and look for objects that are circular in shape, such as plates, coins, or buttons.
  3. Arrange these circular objects next to or on top of the drawn or painted circles on the art roll or paper.
  4. Once all the circular objects are in place, capture a picture using a camera or smartphone.

This activity allows you to appreciate the shapes around you in a creative way that you or your lil’ one might have not noticed before.

  1. Shaped Buntings:

Materials needed: Dabble crayons or finger paints, art roll or paper, string or ribbon, Dabble Chunky Glue.

  1. Cut out triangular or rectangular shapes from the Art roll or paper.
  2. Decorate the shapes using Dabble Crayons or Dabble Finger Paints with different colors and patterns.
  3. Once the shapes are dry, fold the top edge of each shape over a string or ribbon, and secure it with Dabble Chunky Glue.
  4. Repeat the process with multiple shapes, leaving some space between each bunting.
  5. Hang the shaped buntings by tying the ends and Voila!

  1. Gather Leaves & Stick as Shapes:

Materials needed: Dabble Chunky Glue, leaves of different shapes and sizes, art roll or paper.

  1. Go for a Nature Walk outside and gather leaves with various shapes and sizes.
  2. Lay out the leaves and identify different shapes together.
  3. Spread Dabble Chunky Glue on the Art Roll.
  4. Stick the leaves onto the art roll , arranging them to create shape-inspired designs.
  5. Let the artwork dry completely.
  6. Have fun reviewing the shapes represented by the leaves in your masterpiece and let your kiddos learn shapes and colours as you go!

  1. Share your own activity on shapes

GET CREATIVE!! Go ahead and share your OWN activity on shapes and colours…it can literally be ANYTHING!! 👍


So, get ready to spin, create, and connect with Dabble! Let your imagination run wild, and together, let's make art time unforgettable. We can't wait to see the fantastic artwork you and your little one will bring to life. Happy dabbling, and let the adventures begin! 🎁 🎉

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