#SummerActivities are the best, aren't they? ☀️From Learning with Dabble to Nature Art and beyond, we've got everything you need to keep those little hands busy and those big imaginations running wild. So let's ditch the screens and get ready for a summer of artsy-fartsy fun!

1. Paper Crush Art 

Credits - Rebecca

We've got a new crush!  🥰🤪 Try this super simple DIY Paper Crush Tree art at home with your kid and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. An easy-peasy, multi-sensory activity that we bet you and your child will love to bond over. Don't forget to preserve this masterpiece. ❤️

Try this super simple DIY Paper Crush Tree art!

🌳Draw an Outline of a Tree branch with Dabble Crayons 

🌳Crush some Paper 

🌳Dip it in Dabble Finger Paints and Dab all over the painting

🎨Your Colourful Paper Crush tree is ready!

WATCH How to create this super simple art HERE 

2. Shell Counting 

Credits - Sreetama

She shells seas shells on the sea shore - How many ?? Let’s Learn with Dabble Chunky Glue!

🐚 Gather shells while on vacation😉(or stones, lentils etc. if shells are not available) 

🐚Write 1 2 3 4 5 on a cardboard sheet 

🐚Against the number - Put in the number of shells 

🐚Use Dabble Chunky Glue and stick the shells

Our Glue has a unique error correction formula - that has lil one stick and unstick easily. Keep playing this activity and teach your lil ones counting!! 

Happy Learning!

3. Outdoor Painting 

Credits - Karen & Sheetal

Who does love the outdoors and who doesn’t like to Paint?? Let’s combine both! There are multiple artsy activities we you can do outdoors 

  • Having a scenic view for painting 
  • Play Music and sit outdoors and paint 
  • Painting on ice 
  • Coloured water pool
  • Making coloured pichkaris and many more

The possibilities are endless, what are you waiting for? Your lil ones will be ecstatic!! ✨

4. Bubble Wrap Stamp 

Credits -Mownika

Bubble wrap paint stamps are a cool way to add texture to your art!

  • Cut bubble wrap into fun shapes
  • Dip the bubble wrap pieces into Dabble paint
  • Dip Dip dip and dab dab dab it onto paper or canvas!! 

Experiment with different colors and pressure to make unique designs. Let it dry, then enjoy your textured masterpiece! This exciting process of making bubble wrap art won’t let you stop Dabbling!! Create memories now 🌈

5. Nature Sticking Art 

Credits -Sheetal

Nature sticking with glue is a super fun activity for kids that lets them get outside and explore the beauty of nature! Here's how to make it even more exciting:

  1. Start by going on a nature scavenger hunt with your kids to collect different materials such as leaves, flowers, sticks, and rocks. Make it a competition to see who can find the most interesting items! Haha! 
  2. Once you've collected your materials, lay out a large piece of paper and squeeze out a generous amount of Dabble glue
  3. Let your kids dip their natural materials into the glue and stick them onto the paper. Encourage them to create a fun design or patterns on the Art roll

*To make it even more exciting, consider setting a timer and seeing how much they can stick on before the time runs out. 

  1.  Once the glue has dried, display their artwork proudly for everyone to see 🧑‍🎨 🖼️

This activity is a great way to encourage creativity, while also teaching kids about the beauty of nature. It's a fun and messy activity that's sure to keep them entertained for hours!

So Dabbler’s let’s have a COLOURFUL, MEMORABLE AND JOYOUS Summer Time with these best Summer Art activities!! 

Happy Dabbling 💚 ☀️