Karen Saldanha and Neha Bajaj, our co- founders were recently featured on the Times of India under a special feature called NAMMA WOMEN, which simply translates to OUR WOMEN. The feature talks about a number of parents who are developing products and services for kids, deriving inspiration from personal experience.
Safety and sustainability being the primary concern.

Karen and Neha had faced difficulty in finding safe art materials for their children and this gave them the idea of starting the venture in March 2019. Their training in expressive arts helped them envision a product range that could appeal to parents who wanted to minimize their toddlers’ exposure to chemicals. They believe art can serve as a channel to communicate with children and help decipher their emotions.

Dabble was incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, and it won an award from the IT&BT department within a year of formation.

What began as a two-member startup has grown into a circle of mothers. Most of them were its early customers and . Shital Joshi joined Dabble as a digital marketing trainee. As a mother of two, she herself loved the toxin-free products. Nithya Sekar is the firm’s operations manager and also handles product research. Debashree Pal is an architect and designer and now fully supports the firm.

And when so many mothers come together and cook up a recipe its going to be SPECIAL, right ?

We would to take this moment to thank all our team, our mentors from NSRCEL IIM Bangalore, our associates and most of all our Dabbler parents – our Customers who believe in us !! 🙏

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