Colour colour which colour do you choose? Ahh, an all time favourite game of us back then and equally enjoyable by children now. And why wont it be, when you have so many colours to choose from. They just make everything a hundred times more bright, fun and vibrant.

Everything around us is filled with colour. The yellow sun, green trees, blue skies, black tar roads, pink flowers, the golden sunsets and so much more. It just attracts so much attention to a anything you do like cook, paint, dress up, colour or even decorate. It removes the boring from our lives and fills it up with excitement. If it can boost our energies just imagine what a variety of colours could do to our children.

colours from the start

They say, when a child is born he can only see black and white and a few shades of grey. It is after an approximate of four months that they dive into this huge world with colours around them. These colours then become like their first friends. There is so much curiosity in their eyes when they see every new colour.  Why is this fruit pink? Why is the grass green? What would happens if the sky and trees exchanged colours ? They see and observe these colours around them and when you introduce art to them they just bring it all out. On the paper, walls, the clothes, doorways and what not. With these colours they bring thein imagination onto paper. They make it real and tangible with their crayons, paints, colour papers and supplies.

Dabble in colours

To continue building their artistic expression and helping them make every creation of theirs special Dabble brings to you the new ‘Playart Finger Paints’ with eight new colours of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Black, Purple and White.  At Dabble, like always we believe that kids have something more beyond education. They are meant to be celebrated for who they are. We entrust in providing them creative spaces for creative expression to mould and help them grow into beautiful creative kids.

dabble Story

You must be concerned about the safety of your children and as a parent you have every right to be and so we are here to help you.

Dabble was started by two mothers who wanted toxin free safe products for their children. Since they failed to find it in the market they created these products with natural raw materials, utmost care and lots and lots of love.

all about dabble finger paints

  • Every dabble paint is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, sweet orange oil which adds a gentle fragrant smell to it to provide a tactile and multi-sensory fingerpainting experience.
  • We believe that the meticulous choice of ingredients is absolutely indispensable for children’s products. For this reason, we use top-quality raw materials in all our products. In order to guarantee that our products only contain the selected ingredients, they are tested for critical substances that we definitely want to exclude from our children’s products.
  • These tests are carried out by recognised testing institutes that write several thousand pages of test reports every year. We only release a product for sale once all tests have been successfully passed
  • Dabble products are certified in a NABL Lab.
  • You obviously still have a lot of questions in your mind regarding their usage so lets put you at ease.
  • Dabble finger-paints are here to provide your children with the most fun and learning experience for better growth and making beautiful memories.
  • But as parents you’re always thinking about the mess, are these paints washable or are they worth for the price it calls. Well, dabble paints are easy to remove and can be washed of from tiles and wooden surfaces smoothly.
  • So it is a worry free and also scrub free painting experience. These paints come in airtight squeezy bottles in a neatly packaged box which prevents them from drying quickly and is durable.
  • They are also portable as these bottles do not tend to leak or spill easily. So, your children can paint wherever they want, whenever they want. Thus, these paints are a more investible option than other paints because they do not dry and stay in a liquid state for a long time.

How safe are the finger paints?

  • Now, you must be thinking that your kids might end up swallowing these paints when you’re not around. Kids, as naughty as they are, we cannot stop them because they are kids, they are meant to be naughty. But we at dabble make sure to take all protective measures to make paints for these naughty little beings.
  • Though these paints are not edible, it is proven that it will not harm children in any way if some of it is accidently consumed.
  • Dabble finger paints are specially designed for early childhood. The unique formulation developed by scientists and food technologists natural ingredients and FD & C approved colours and tested for Toxins by a NABL certified laboratory in India. 
  • As founder moms, we understand the need for safe art products for children and that’s been our core guiding principle while developing our products. Moreover, the products have undergone an extensive research of over 2 years in consultation with educators and occupational/ art therapists to ensure the colours are developmentally appropriate.

When can my kid start finger painting?

  • Finger painting can start for children as young as 18 months old.
  • At Dabble we cater to needs of children from all age groups. Our fingerpaints for our tiny toddlers comes in three most basic and primary colours of red, blue and yellow and the new box of eight colours are for children above the age of 2.5 years. We believe in ‘ less is more’, but more the merrier.
  • We want to give kids a holistic painting experience with our new colour set to help them expand their creativity, palate and exploration.
  • We want to help them to bring their thoughts on paper and turn ideas into reality.
  • The paints provide them with sensory exploration when they touch it and splitter and splatter it all around.
  • Our paints are beyond art for children. It is created to provide them an experience more than just being a one time thing.
  • It is to make them dive into love with themselves through these colours.

Bread and Butter, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Burger and Fries and ‘Dabble paints and chubby brushes’ are some of the most iconic duo’s in the world. Yes, you read it right. It a double jackpot at Dabble as we are not only launching our new fingerpaint box of eight but also our tiny cute little chubby brushes. To paint with your fingers, hands and tippy toes is whole lot more fun and important for sensory exploration, brushes helps you to structure it. They help to develop fine motor skills which are essential for a child to cultivate. Thus, these brushes are made for children of and above the age of 2.5 years.


  • Our Dabble Playart Chubby brushes are ergonomically designed and are available in a 4 in 1 eco friendly pack.
  • Our chubby brushes comes in a box with four brushes of different sizes and textures of the bristles
  • These brushes also don’t have sharp edges and are perfect for little hands.
  • They are India’s first brushes specially designed for early childhood.
  • The short and stout wooden chubby brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours.
  • The brush length is ideal for small hands to hold the brush and paint easily with no strain to the hands.
  • Brush length 12 cm which are not too short because the children can hold it comfortably and not too long for it to slip from their hands.
  • It helps to develop  fine motor skills as a precursor for writing and better coordination.
  • These brushes are not thin like the others because children in their early years of childhood do not thin brushes.
  • These tools are for them to express their art in different textures, styles and themselves. Young kids do not need thin brushes because the art they create is about exploring colours and freely expressing themselves.
  • Moreover they like to clearly see the lines, shapes they have created and that’s why do not require thin brushes.
  • The bristles are cruelty free and are thick and long lasting. These eco-friendly wooden brushes made from high-quality bristles last longer than the ordinary ones.
  • That is how our brushes standout from those available in the market. Every product manufactured at Dabble is thoughtfully created to give children what they need and what is essential for their growth rather than just giving them something for the sake of it.
  • Moreover, our brushes are multi-purpose. You can use them for painting or sticking glue for art and craft products.
  • Thus these brushes are sustainable, eco-friendly and chubby and cute just like our children.

Colours and Paints are like a child’s first friend and Dabble  wants to make sure that they become their best ones. We want to become best parents for them in the world, give them the best education and dress them in the most exceptional clothes but why is it that we do not think much about their first friend. It is paints and colours they meet even before they start talking and these stay with them forever. So why not make the best of memories to make them worthwhile .Isn’t it resourceful to buy one product for a number of activities than to purchase a different tool for every activity. You might think that these are a little expensive than those in the market but we promise safety, durability and an abundant amount of love and our promise is as strong as a pinky promise