Valentines day is just around the corner and love is in the air.  Each year on this day, people exchange cards, candy or flowers with their special “valentine.

It is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 every year.

A parent will always be a child’s first love !! It is one of the most special bonds and we thought why not celebrate this special day creating lovely activities with our adorable ones .
Here are 5 simple and fun Valentine Special activities ;


•  Take any small box.
If you don’t have you can make one out of a shoe box or any other and decorate it.

• Cut out few hearts in different sizes. 

• If you are using paints, make textures in it. Dip leaves or sponge in paint and make textures on the heart.
      If you are using crayons, put a tape eg LOVE, one alphabet on each heart and colour. Then take off the tape.

•  Parents to write sweet short messages to the We love your smile, you are the most special to us, we love you

• .Put the hearts in the box. You can read them out to your child .

•  It also serves as  lovely memories  to cherish  when they grow up.


• Cut out hearts , paint, colour or decorate them

• You can write sweet notes for your child or stick your favorite pictures of your child, your family on it.

• Place the hearts all over the house in different places.

• Feel the love all around the house .

• Create a fun environment by asking your child to go around the house and find the hearts.
• Read out the special messages to your child


• This could be a surprise for your little one .
• Decorate his/her  room or cupboard with flowers,  colourful hearts, maybe his favorite chocolates .
• Watch your child’s face light up with love.


• Don your chef’s hats
• Bake a cake with your child and decorate it with heart shapes or sprinkles or fruit slices.
• Or if you are a health freak try cutting some fruits or veggies in a heart shape . Have fun and eat to your heart’s content😉


• Throw a little house party for your child and maybe some of their friends.
• Have fun decorating the house.
• Make their favorite meal or snacks and spread some love .

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day!! Lots of love and light to all !