Hi, I am Sophia Jacob. I am an Executive Search Consultant by profession. My passion for art led me to pursue a degree in Fine Arts from the Delhi Collage of Art in my thirties. I have exhibited my paintings in several art galleries across NCR region. I also actively conduct art workshops for kids and adults and recently I started a YouTube channel that focuses on Art Supplies for beginners.

I am a mother of two lovely children, aged 15 and 7, who are as passionate about art as I am.

How has Art shaped my life?

Art has always been an integral part of my life, as long as I remember.. But to be honest, I actually consider myself as a creative person than merely an artist. I feel art is just one of the ways I use express your thoughts and emotions turn it into something that is tangible and visible. But having said that, I believe art formed the foundation for my creative thinking. My interest in art , led me to experiment with various mediums and also with other creative activities like stitching, knitting, baking and even writing.

As a mother & artist, what’s my experience about the role of art in early childhood?

I believe there is an artist in every child. Art is basically a way of expressing oneself, and this could be through the mode of painting but also other activities like singing, or even dancing. Talking about my personal experience, both my children have always been relatively shy. So I have always seen them expressing their creativity through the medium of paper and color. But as they grew older and developed more skills, they started experimenting with other hobbies like music, writing and even photography. But being able to express themselves freely with colors, in those initial formative years, gave them the confidence of turning what was in heart and mind into something that the people around them could see and relate to. And this I believe helped to develop the vital skill of self-expression.

As a parent how and when one should introduce art to their kids?

When you see you child playing with a water spill on the floor or even smacking the walls with wet hands, the child is already creating art. So even before the parents, realise it, the child has already begun his or her creative journey. Now the question is when should you start formally introduce store-bought paints and colors into child’s life. Well! This could be as early as an year or year and half, but one needs to ensure that the product is child-friendly and toxic free. This would guarantee that the child is provide a safe environment to be able to freely express themselves.  

It would be a great idea to place the art supplies in easily accessible “play stations” where the child can spend unhindered time in imaginative play.

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