I got dabble for my baby when he turned 14 months and we both love doing regular activities with the dabble paints.

I am a bit of an art lover myself so I wanted to introduce paints to my child as soon as possible but there was always a stress about what if he puts paints in his mouth or the clothes get messy. That is when I saw about dabble on Instagram ,  read about it and did some research and without any second thoughts I quickly ordered the paints. And since then Dabble has been a part of us.

We did numerous activities with the dabble finger paints like earbud painting, fork painting, mixing colors, sponge painting, taking our hand and foot impressions, doodle painting and a lot of free art with  fingers and Dabble paints 

Contributed by Ishita Puri (Dabble Mom) and Hridaansh Sharma, 2 Years (Dabble Champ)

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