I have always been very creative from the time I was a child. After becoming a Mother and being a Psychologist, Art's Based Therapist, and Play Therapist, I knew I had to let my child enjoy her early growing years using different expressive arts! I wanted nothing but fun, engagement, and exploration to take place in her environment. 

Art and engaging in creative play is what helps a child learn many things and express it all out beautifully before they can even learn to speak in clear words and full sentences. In fact, it helps boosts communication skills during the early years.

Thus while I would engage my daughter of 2.5 years in various creative interventions such as dance, playing and exploring different musical instruments, engage in sensory play activities and visual arts-which includes painting with your fingers, palm, using different objects to dab and print. During those times I was always looking out for good quality brushes for my child to hold, paint and explore!

And my search ended on finding Dabble Brushes, the best of amazing size to fit the tiny fingers and of great quality! You will know how kids can explore objects even in a rough way after exploring in their traditional way. I have not only used the Dabble Chunky Brushes for painting on paper but even used them on a stick-on Black Board! These brushes are versatile in their usage! Apart from painting and mixing colors to creating patterns. On the Blackboard these brushes can act as chalk to rewrite patterns, lines, shapes, numbers, and Alphabet a given! Great for exploring recognition and recalling skills! These brushes can act like chalk, or pencil and prove an excellent medium for prewriting skills!

The Dabble Brushes, are ergonomically designed perfectly keeping in mind the tiny hands exploring them. They are small, chunky, and lightweight and I love the 4 variations in them, helpful in exploring the patterns-round and flat bristles. It's made so well that its bristles don't fall off after rough usage while exploring by toddlers. Their quality is pretty good to explore on various surfaces like thin sheets of paper, thick paper, and larger cardboard too! These brushes are excellent to help strengthen the finger muscles and dexterity.

Contributed by Mariam Bhinderwala - (Clinical Psychologist and Play Therapist)

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Amyra Bhinderwala ( Dabble Champ)

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