Discovering Dabble at an early stage not only transformed my view on messy play but also became a delightful journey for my daughter and me. The Dabble community played a crucial role in navigating through my daughter's growth stages, offering insights into her development and assisting in building her skills. It's not just about paints; it's about embracing creativity and fostering a vibrant personality. Initially, the idea of paints near the mouth or smeared on the face triggered anxiety, but with Dabble's kid-friendly, non-toxic products, we found a stress-free way to explore our artistic side. Dabble turned painting sessions into joyous moments, making us more than just a mother-daughter duo but creative partners in crime, laughing and learning together. We love dabble not only because they are the best but they take all the effort to grow with your kids right from product offerings to their community building.

We started dabbling at a very young age, Finger Paints was something which was introduced to her first. The sensory joy of dipping tiny fingers into vibrant colours and spreading them across a canvas sparked a profound connection between her and her imaginative impulses. This form of expression not only fosters fine motor skills but also encourages uninhibited self-expression. And I feel The absence of structures allowed her to navigate her emotions through the fluidity of colours, turning the canvas into a visual diary of how she felt. Through this playful and messy play, she enjoyed not only the process, but it has helped in building her confidence and a lifelong love for exploration.

Contributed by Natasha Nayak (Dabble Mom) and Kiyaara Sonawane(Dabble Champ)

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