As a mom to two active kids, I am always looking for ways to creatively engage them to channelise their energy. Anything to keep them away from “screen time !! In my search for non toxic art products, I came across Dabble finger paints for the first time. Until then I was conditioned to believe that paints need a brush!! 

The concept of using hands / feet to paint was kind of new to me . And being a mother of 2, I frankly wasn’t  thrilled with the idea!! Because all I could think of was the mess that I would have to clean !! 

I reluctantly decided to try the finger paints and guess what?! I instantly fell in love with them !  From the gorgeous colours, the texture , the smell , every aspect about these colours were so well thought of and absolutely a delight when I could clean it up in a jiffy.

  I have been researching about the developmental benefits of introducing finger paints. In early childhood education Finger Painting is often the very first painting experience for children.  Apart from it being as simple as putting paint into trays for little fingers to play and paint with, there are numerous reasons why finger painting is beneficial for child development and learning.

Here are 7 top reasons why finger paints are beneficial to your child. 

1.  Fine Motor Development: .Little children find it difficult to hold a brush, however their little fingers are the first brush they should be painting with.  Finger Painting strengthens the finger and small hand muscles developing their fine motor skills as well as their pre-writing skills.

2.  Hand-eye coordination and control: Taking the finger paints on their hands and putting it on the paper develops their hand – eye coordination and teaches children to control their movements.

3.  Sensory Exploration:  Using Finger Paints involves the child’s 3 senses, they can see the paints, touch them.and smell them.The Dabble finger paints are extremely smooth in texture and don’t dry out immediately like normal paints, giving kids a much longer tactile experience . Oh and because of the orange oil in them , they smell so natural. 

4. Free Expression: Children in their early childhood find it hard to  express their emotions. Finger painting is a most relaxing and creative way to express their feelings. It also promotes  creativity and imagination.

5. Language development: I have seen how my children naturally converse about the art they have created and this develops their language skills.

6. Mess is fun — Messy play like finger painting is important to every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information. And its messy , means its also FUN ! But don’t worry,  Dabble finger paints are extremely easy to clean off, so dip those hands in paint and  join in the fun !! 

7. Bonding with your child – We all live extremely hectic lifestyles today. Parents find it difficult to engage in activities with their child . Finger painting can be a great stress buster and a wonderful way to bond with your child and have that special “we” time !! 

So now the question, at what age can we introduce finger paints ? We all have  noticed how toddlers play with their food . Why do they do that ?  It is just the way they naturally explore colours and textures with all their senses. That is why they like to smear it all over and throw it around !! 

Finger painting is great for children as early as 18 months.But you know what, Dabble finger paints are  specially designed for toddlers & children with a unique formulation made from certified toxin free and child-safe ingredients so that we mamas and papas can be worry free and children can make best friends with colors.

How to dabble with Finger Paints ? 
Dabble Finger Paints are perfect for children to dabble with colours and allow their imagination to come alive without inhibitions. Children can have Fun, painting with their fingers on paper and even bathroom tiles.