I introduced Dabble toddler crayons and finger paints to my child when she was 18 months old. Earlier we used crayons of other brands which were not child safe and she was not interested in them. Later I had to give up and stopped forcing her to use any colouring products.

One day Dabble popped up through Instagram and on going through the products, I loved the finger paints the most. Ordered our first set of toddler crayons and finger paints and voila! From then we never looked back to any other brand. And to my surprise, my daughter loved the finger paints. I was so happy to see her love for the colours. She started to explore the primary colours, learned the names of colours, the sense of smell, and whatnot?

Now she's 3 years old and with the help of colours, she creatively expresses herself. These days, only colours can calm her down during meltdowns and she also uses them whenever she wants to.

We have come a long way with Dabble colours and now we are in love with Dabble chunky glue - another great product for all our craft needs. I never let her use any other brand of white glue because most of them are not child-safe. But Dabble chunky glue works like magic with us. It helps her to correct her mistakes while sticking and the sweet smell of glue is so amazing that she keeps on smelling them. She also loves to play around with the chunky glue and explore its stickiness. The bond of the white glue is also really strong once it dries.

As a mother, I am proud to choose Dabble products for my daughter as it's toxic-free, multi-sensory, child-safe & also easy to wash. I have seen a lot of changes in Sanidhya after introducing her to the world of colours. She even expresses her emotions through them. When I asked her one day to choose those colours that represent happiness, sadness & anger to her, she answered green, yellow, and red.

Colours could work wonders with your child. Let their colours make some noise, while you choose the best toddler crayons for them! Shop them now.

- Dabble experience contributed by Supriya Upadhya (Dabbler mom)